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industrial office accessories

8 Awesome Industrial Desk Accessories for Your Office

Adding a few industrial desk accessories is a great way of giving your home office a new image, without completely overhauling the place. A few items in the right place, like an industrial book case in the corner and a armillary sphere on your…

Decoration Tips & Ideas

5 Streamlined Desk Decoration Ideas

Leather and wood goes a long way when you want to make your desk more streamlined and stylish. The clean lines and large plain surface areas with no patterns or extravagant detailing helps further reduce the visual clutter. If you would like your desk…

Decoration Tips & Ideas

Cute Office Desk Decoration Ideas

If you work from home you know how important it is to actually like your office desk and its decor. Some people prefer a simple, minimalistic approach where they start off each day with nothing on their desk apart from a computer and maybe…