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Best Way to Clean Cpap Mask

If you use a CPAP machine to help improve your quality of sleep, you know how important it is to clean it, at least every now and then (hopefully a bit more frequently than that, but let’s be realistic, we are all busy)… That’s…


How high should your standing desk be?

Adjusting your standing desk to fit your height is easy and and can be done in a few seconds. Please see the guidelines below that explain the adjustments shown in the image. Desk Height: The table-top should be at the same level or slightly…


Best Office Chair Cushion Review

Sitting on an office chair all day can be a painful affair, especially for your hind quarters. Most office chairs are initially comfortable, but I think we’ve all experienced how the padding compresses over time, leaving the chair hard and uncomfortable and might over…


Best Back Support for YOUR Office Chair

A slight numbness in your behind or a tingling in your right leg after a long day at work? Do these symptoms sound familiar, then your office chair might be to blame. If your office chair doesn’t provide enough support for your lower back,…