Most Comfortable Office Chair

What is the Most Comfortable Office Chair

You sit for over 10 hours a day. 8 at work, 1-2 in transit, and then a few at home. The human body wasn’t meant to be seated for that long, however in this day and age there really is no way around it. Because of that it’s important that you’re at your absolute most comfortable when you’re seated.

A comfortable office chair can help you alleviate pain while you’re sitting, making you much more efficient at work. More importantly though, it can help you prevent back problems from arising down the road.
Below we have compared 5 of the most comfortable office chairs currently on the market. Each one has distinctive features that sets it apart from the rest, which means that you can find something that exactly fits -your- specific needs.


Whalen Furniture WC-594 Breckenridge Wood and Leather Executive Adjustable Lumbar Chair


When it comes to finding the most comfortable office chair, this chair definitely doesn’t disappoint. With a look that’s fit for a CEO’s office, this comfortable office chair delivers both aesthetically and ergonomically.

Apart from looking great, it’s also solidly built. The bonded leather [link] is soft, and the stitches and seams are tight and hold up great without any fraying and the like.
It’s quite heavy and therefore sits well grounded on the base. The wheels roll smoothly and will easily take you from one side of the office to the other.

When it comes to comfort, which – let’s face it- is why you’re reading this article in the first place, this chair is at the top of its game!

The seat it padded just right; not too soft, not too hard. The back is tall and offers support for your entire body. The curve at the shoulder area adds comfort, and the removable lumbar support pad ensures that your back doesn’t get tired, even after sitting for several hours.
Because this is such a comfortable office chair, you might want to take a quick nap in it, every now and then – which isn’t a problem and wont have any adverse effects on your back.

Lastly it should be mentioned that the lumbar support is removable. It’s also fully adjustable and can be positioned exactly where YOU find it to be the most comfortable.

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SPACE Seating Professional AirGrid Dark Back and Padded Black Eco Leather Seat, 2-to-1 Synchro Tilt Control, Adjustable Arms and Tilt Tension with Nylon Base Managers Chair



This comfortable office chair features a classic design with a comfortable black seat cushion and a responsive, comfortable mesh back.

The cushion is comfortable and neither over nor under stuffed. It’s sewn with strong, heavy gauge stitching which will hold up even after much wear and tear.
The arm rests of this comfortable office chair is, unfortunately the lest comfortable part. They aren’t that good looking, and as they’re not covered by fabric, can be a little bit hard, especially if you have to lean your arms on them for extended periods of time.
The casters are decent and allow the chair to roll smoothly without getting stuck.
The pneumatics are strong, and the chair is solid and supports even a larger man.
It’s a somewhat tall chair, that’s good got a person who’s around 5’7 or above.

When it comes to the back, the mesh is firm, responsive and very comfortable. Because it’s mesh, it adjusts itself to the back of the person sitting in the char. It can be a little bit firm, and people who like soft, cushy backs for their office chairs might want to look at some of the other products we have reviewed, as this chair’s back definitely isn’t soft. However, if you like the back of your office chair to have a bit more structure, as well as allow for easy breathing, this chair might just be the thing for you!

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Black- Modern High back Tall Ribbed PU leather with wheels arms Arm Rest w/Tilt Adjustable seat

This sleek looking office chair features an over all PU leather [link] design, with sturdy ribbed stitching which ensures that it will hold up well over time.
The arm-rests are chrome with PU leather pads covering the areas that your arms and hands most frequently touch. The arm rest pads are soft and comfortable, albeit a bit narrow and low if you are a large/tall person.
If you end up deciding that the arm rests are simply too low for you, they can be easily removed without affecting the chair in any way.

Behind the back theres a metal push bar that allows you to easily push (or pull) the chair around the office / home, when you want to move it. Not a lot of comfortable office chairs have this feature, but it’s actually quite useful, especially if you use the chair in an office / work space with multiple desks, as it does make it easier to move the chair around.

The base is made of strong steel with a chrome plating, and the casters are made of high grade plastic, which allows for them to roll smoothly and without getting stuck.

If you’re looking for a cheap comfortable office chair, this is a great solution. The low price point makes it an excellent choice for those who need to buy more than one, in order to equip an entire office, but can’t afford to spend an arm and a leg, just on chairs alone.

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H&L Office High Back Mesh Multi-Functional Executive & Managerial Computer Desk Swivel Office Chair with Recliner, Adjustable Headrest and Flexible Arm Rest

This super comfortable office chair is ergonomically designed and can be adjusted in several different ways in order to suit most people’s individual taste.

The base of this comfortable office chair is solid, and features dual wheel castors which glide well over any surface. Getting from point A to point B in the office won’t be a problem with this guy!!

The seat is comfortable, being neither too hard or too soft and with solid, durable stitching. The mesh back allows for good ventilation if you sit in the chair for longer periods of time. It’s designed in a way that the curve of the back rest supports your lumbar area, so although the amount of lumbar support isn’t adjustable, it’s still there, built into the back of the chair.
Another great feature is that the back reclines, which means that people who like to lean back in their chair won’t easily cause this one to go off balance. The amount of recline can be locked if so desired.

The arm rests are padded and can be tilted up and down ad your convenience. This is a very convenient feature, as it makes it a lot easier to push the chair under your desk when not in use.

The headrest is another great feature – it raises and lowers and can be tilted up and down so you can place it exactly the way that’s most comfortable for YOU.

All of this customizability makes this chair an excellent choice for people who’re looking for the most comfortable office chair. People who need to sit for hours and hours every day in order to do their work, but who don’t want to sacrifice comfort (or their backs).

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Serta Executive Office Chair, Microfiber

This chair from Serta is great for people who’re looking for a soft, cushiony office chair, with good lumbar support.
The pillowed head/shoulder rest is soft and comfortable and adds great support when sitting.
The contoured design of the back creates a curve that supports the lumbar area of your back, while you’re sitting in the chair, while the padded seat makes it comfortable to sit, even for extended periods of time.

The base is made of heavy duty plastic with dual wheel casters that glide smoothly on a variety of surfaces.

The fabric of this comfortable office chair is soft microfiber. Because of this, your legs won’t stick to the fabric the same way it does when you’ve been sitting in a faux leather chair for a while.

The overall size of the chair would fit a person who’s below 6ft the best. The back rest stops at about shoulder level for a 5’7 person. The seat tilts slightly when you lean back, which is a feature many people seek when looking for an comfortable office chair.

The arm rests are comfortable and soft but cannot be removed. Overall the chair is very easy to assemble and can be put together in about 30 minutes.
If ‘the most comfortable office chair’ for you means a soft, supportive chair, then this might just be the one for you.

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We’ve all tried a bad chair. After a few hours of sitting, your back feels like it’s ready to escape your body, and all you long to do is to just lie on the floor forever, in order to alleviate some of the pain.


Picking the most comfortable office chair won’t only help prevent back pain after a day in the office, it’ll also help prevent back problems in the future. Your back if going to be with you for a long, long time, so figuring out exactly what does and doesn’t work for you when it comes to the design of your office chair is very important.


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