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Industrial Home Office Ideas

If you want to add a bit of edge to your workspace, but you’re running low on industrial home office ideas, then this post here might just be the one for you.
Industrial style decoration is somehow a fusion of old and new – the components generally look old on their own, wooden desks with metal legs and plain basic shelves, but paired with a contrasting wall color or perhaps a dark wooden floor, the industrial home office style really shines.
Below are a few industrial home office ideas for those out there who’re looking to give their home a bit of a more industrial edge.


1. Industrial x modern

 In the first picture here we have a mix of industrial and modern, with the rough wooden desk paired with the sleek design of the iMac.
The grey wall adds a nice backdrop, as grey generally goes really well with the industrial esthetic.



2. Industrial Workstation/Office

The rugged desk goes perfectly with the overall dark look of this room. The mirrors on the wall helps open up the space, as mirrors generally make rooms feel bigger. However, the small size keeps them discrete so that they don’t overwhelm the room. Same goes for the window which helps brighten up the space, so the blue-grey walls and industrial style furniture doesn’t make it too dark.



3. Industrial Meets Classic

In this industrial style home office, the bright walls with the classic, clean panels help soften up the otherwise hard industrial style, making this office a nice mix of new and old.

The classic looking lamp, old school telephone as well as cutter towards the end of the desk all follow the same aesthetic and help make the style cohesive.



4. Light and Dark

Again we have grey walls paired with industrial style shelves. – This combination really works!
The rug helps soften up the style, and adds a big of brightness to the room. The large M&M lettering in the middle of the shelf works nicely as a center piece, and adds a bit of breathing room to the shelf, so it doesn’t get too cluttered.



5. Grid Style

This glass window/door arrangement works exceptionally well in this situation. It splits an otherwise large room up into a living room with an adjoining office. The door is great, as it can be closed when you really need to get work done.
The hard metal frames of the window/door adds a nice industrial touch, especially when paired with the white walls.
If you look closely at the home office you can see that all the picture frames are plain and black – following the same aesthetic as what is set forth by the window/door, which definitely is the central style element of the room.



6. Simple Photography Setup

Another industrial home office idea is this one – using mainly industrial style furniture with dark wood and metal legs, but then pairing it with a more modern looking lamp. The analog camera underneath the computer screen – whether it’s real or just there for decoration – offers an additional touch of old school charm, to help bring the style together.



7. Industrial desk and trunk

This nice desk is custom made RCC-furniture. The beautiful finish of the table-top goes nicely with the trunk. Overall, this is a beautiful piece, which can be commissioned through etsy or through RCC-furniture’s website.



8. DIY Industrial Piping Shelves

These great looking shelves is actually a DIY project. I read through the tutorial and unfortunately, I don’t think I’m handy enough to successfully create something as awesome as this. But in case you think you’re up for the job, then you can check out the tutorial here.


9. Industrial Desk in an Industrial Setting

I don’t think this desk is supposed to remain in this setting – I’m pretty sure this is where it was manufactured. In any case, this beautiful industrial desk was made by AlexsWoodWorks on Etsy. What’s particularly nice about this desk is that it comes with a keyboard drawer which adds comfort to those who work on desktops, or who just prefer having an external keyboard to that on their laptop.



10. Rough and Polished Combined

This room is such a nice mix of rough and polished – from the untreated red brick walls paired with the moulded ceilings, to the geometric plain desk paired with the soft white couch.
Although the color scheme for this industrial style home office is rather monochromatic, it all plays well together, and brings extra focus to the soft furniture like the couch and the chairs, as well as the poster on the wall, which reminds us all to keep working hard.



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