How to clean office chair wheels


I’m not sure if you’ve ever tried flipping over your office chair in order to take a look at the casters. If you haven’t.. well, we’ll change that in a moment.

Over time, lots of gunk usually gets stuck in and on your office chair wheels (or casters, if you prefer). The gunk on the outside is relatively easy to remove:

Q&A how to clean office chair wheels (outer portion of the wheel)


  1. Wipe off any loose debris using a soft wet cloth or paper towel
  2. Use a brush with stiff bristles to loosen stubborn gunk
  3. Scrub the wheel using a coarse sponge and warm soapy water
  4. If some stains/ dirt remains, use a butter knife or flathead screwdriver to scrape it off
  5. Wipe the wheel once more and you’re done!

This article shows how to remove dirt from the outside of the wheels.

However, sometimes things get trapped around the axels that the wheels spin on, making it harder and harder for the chair to move. Oftentimes it’s hair that’s the culprit, either from pets or from yourself/ coworkers/family members etc.

However, if hair happens to get stuck in the wheels, worry not – it’s actually relatively easy to fix, you just need a bit of patience.

Q&A how to clean office chair wheels (inside the casters)

Method #1:
Using scissors:


  1. Flip the chair over so you can better access the wheels
  2. Remove the visible / easily accessible hair using tweezers and a pair of small nail scissors or other pointed scissors.
  3. Keep turning the wheel in order to get everything out. As you cut it will loosen up the hair, making it easier for you to pull it out with the tweezers.




Q&A how to clean office chair wheels (inside the casters)

Method #2:
Using a lighter:


It’s recommended that you do this outside, due to the smell.

  1. Flip the chair over.
  2. Use the flame thrower to quickly scorch the hair inside the casters. Don’t let it linger in one spot for too long, as it might melt the plastic. However, if you act fast you won’t have to worry about that – only the hair will burn.
  3. Once you’ve burned off most of the visible hair, use a flathead screwdriver or a pair of tweezers to loosen up / scrape out the remainders of the burned off hair.

This guide explains both methods well:

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