How to clean office chair upholstery

How to clean office chair upholstery ?


There are basically two ways to clean office chair upholstery.

One is using water and soap and the other is using a steam cleaner.
Using the water and soap method is generally easier as it only requires things you already have in your home.
The steam cleaning method provides a deeper clean, but it requires you to buy/rent a steamer if you don’t already have one, which can be both expensive and bothersome.

How to clean office chair upholstery using soap and water



1.Vacuum clean the chair. -if possible, take it outside and flip it over to shake out some of the things that might have gotten stuck in the fabric.
2.  Wipe down the fabric using soapy water made with dish detergent and water, and a soft sponge. Wring the sponge well before washing the chair, as you don’t want the water to soak down into the padding.
3. Remember to wipe both the fabric areas as well as the plastic ones, such as the back of the chair, arm rests etc.
4. Wipe the chair a second time using vinegar. Again, don’t soak the fabric. If you’re worried about the smell, please note that it goes away once the fabric dries.
5. Done.




How to clean office chair upholstery using a steamer



This article explains well how to clean office chair upholstery using steam:

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