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DECORATION – Home office ideas for TWO

If you want/need to work together with your spouse or a co-worker in your home office, then there are a few different directions you can go, when it comes to setting up your home office to fit two people. Some options work better for people who need to talk and collaborate a lot, whereas others are better for people who need more individual desk space for papers and the like.

Below I’ve reviewed some of the different home office ideas for two, and at the very bottom I provide more pictures, for inspiration.


Side by side

When setting up a home office for two, this is probably the first option that people think of – using a long desk, and sitting next to each other, side by side.
This option is good for those with a more limited amount of space, but who still need to accommodate two people.
Because the desk doesn’t have to be extremely deep (as long as there is enough space for a piece of paper and your computer), this solution can be made to accommodate two people easily, without taking up the entire room.

Sitting side by side generally works well for most situations. It’s easy to talk if you need to discuss something work related, and seeing each other’s monitors doesn’t require a lot of effort, which makes it easy to compare ideas, for instance when doing design work.


Facing each other

Facing each other

Option two is using a regular table, which could be a dining table or any other fairly wide table, and sitting across from each other.

This option takes up more space than the other two, so it’s more suitable for a slightly larger room.

This is good for people who need to talk a lot about their work, as talking face to face is more comfortable compared to having to turn your head to talk to the person next to you.

If you choose this seating arrangement, however, you cannot see the other person’s computer screen, which might or might not be what you’re looking for. If you both want privacy, then this setup works well. However, if you collaborate a lot and the main body of work is on the computer, like when doing design for instance, this setup might be inconvenient, in that you’ll have to walk around the table (or turn the monitor/computer) every time you have to view each other’s computers.

One caveat about this option; facing another person all day might end up being a little too much in the long run, especially if it’s a co-worker. Depending on your personality and personal preference, you might want to consider this, before setting up your home office for two, this way. -if you do decide to go for this setup, you can always put a screen in the middle for added privacy, if you feel the need for it later on.


L-shaped desk

Image Credit: lucileglessnerdesign

Option three is an L shaped desk, which is another great option when it comes to saving space. You can generally fit a lot on an L-shaped desk, but because it can be fitted into a corner, it doesn’t necessarily take up a lot of space.

Working at an L-shaped desk gives you the same amount of privacy as sitting side by side along with convenience and ease if you want to share ideas.

Because you each have your own half of the L, this option might offer more desk space than sitting next to each other, side by side.


U-shaped desk

This option is similar to the L-shaped one, however, because of the extra desk space, it accommodates another person, which is good if you have a 3-person team.
The extra desk space can also be used for planning and drawing, if you work requires large pieces of paper and so on.



Utilizing the space

If you go for the wall facing or L-shaped desk ideas, then installing wall-mounted cabinets above the desk might be a great way of utilizing the space while at the same time having a lot options for storage.
Another option is using a cabinet underneath the desk, instead of legs, as this helps make the long desk more stable and at the same time provide a good space for storing documents.


More home office ideas for two:

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