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10 Elegant Home Office Design Ideas

If you’re working from home, you know how important it is to have an office that you actually like. If you’re not really happy with what you have now, or just want to improve it a bit by making it a little bit more elegant and classy, then this post is just perfect for you.

I’ve posted several photos below, to help inspire you and provide a few very nice and elegant home office design ideas. After each picture I’ve pointed out what exactly makes that particular office shine, and explained how you might go about achieving the same look for your own home office.

So read on and let me inspire you with these 10 elegant home office design ideas.


Elegant Beige and White Home Office

First up we have this nice bright home office. The walls feature beige fabric which matches that on the curtain pelmet (box covering the top of the curtains), the actual curtains as well as the chairs.
The dark tiles create a bit of contrast to the otherwise very light layout of this office, as does the clear desk, with it’s straight and hard edges, which serves to contrast the soft natural shapes of the curtains.
What makes this office elegant is the treatment of the curtains, the material they’re made of and the addition of the pelmet as well as the chairs, which are far more elegant than your everyday office chair.


Elegant Home Office with Dark Blue Walls

Almost everything works in this setup. The beautiful bold color of the walls harmonizes nicely with the rich finish of the desk. The plain style of the chair also contributes nicely to the elegant yet simplistic decor of this office.
What doesn’t work are the curtains and the legs of the chair. A set of curtains in a color similar to the chair would have gone better with the setup, but I understand that they chose the current ones in order to have them match the plant (or maybe they put the plant there to match the curtains?). The legs of the chair need to be treated/stained in order to achieve the same finish as the desk, which is fairly easy to do.



Light and Elegant Home Office

This home office features a very harmonious setup, combining light and dark to create a pleasant contrast. The organized shelf in the background adds to the overall decor of the office, due to the home office’s overall simplistic style. Bookshelves can easily get cluttered and overwhelming, so it’s important to be selective with the amount of things you put in there.
The classy wall molding further adds to the elegance of this room. If you would like to install molding in a room of your own, it actually isn’t hard to do. There’s a nice tutorial on how to do it here.


Elegant Home Office with Purple Accents

The ornate lamp, mirror and chairs really gives this elegant home office that extra little touch. The many little details in these pieces are contrasted by the otherwise rather simple decor, the desk that’s made out of a single piece of glass as well as the plain walls and the single color carpet. This mix of simple and busy create a nice aesthetic without ever becoming too much of either one or the other.


Luxurious Black and Gold Office


Black walls can often be tough to pull off. If not done correctly, you run the risk of the room becoming too dark and cave-like. That’s, however, not the case in this picture. The large window allows lots of natural light to stream in during the day, and at night time the office can be illuminated both with the overhead lamp as well as the ones in the back.
The overall design aesthetic for this office is one of simplicity and clean lines. The only thing that contrasts this, is the very busy wallpaper, which in this case, fits perfectly into the already exquisite style.


Elegant and Inviting


This elegant cream colored home office is large and open, and makes you feel quite peaceful due to the almost monochromatic design. The rug adds a bit of texture to the overall aesthetic, which is a nice addition.


Elegant Black and White Home Office

This very luxurious and elegant looking home office follows a similar simplistic approach. The hard blacks are contrasted beautifully with the crisp whites which provide a refreshing accent.


Lots of Picture Frames

The main attraction of this nice office are the many framed pictures on the wall. The frames match the lamps and the curtains nicely, and creates a nice accent to the otherwise white and black office. The dark floor is beautiful on its own, however by adding the rug in the middle, the overall space was softened up a bit, in order to better match the general aesthetic.


Lots of Natural Light

This elegant office space gets much of natural light from the large bright window. The upholstery of the chair adds a nice touch to the overall decor with it’s flowy leaf pattern.


Black White and Green Home Office

This elegant black and white home office follows an almost monochromatic approach where even the flowers are white. The plant in the corner and the little leaves sticking out from the flowers on the table add a bit of color. The  ornate chair and desk sit beautifully in the space and sort of set the tone for the overall style of the room.


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