Desk Chairs for Teens

Best desk chairs for Teens

Style, size, comfort!
-Which matters more?

When looking at desk chairs for teens, you need to consider more than one factor.
Normally, when looking for an office chair for yourself (if you’re an adult who needs to use it for work, that is) the main thing you need to focus on is comfort. However, with desk chairs for teens, it’s not that easy.

As we all knows, teens are picky! They like what they like… and that’s it. You can try to persuade them to buy something you like, but it probably won’t end well… especially if the teen has a particular style of chair in mind.

Below we have compared 5 of the most popular desk chairs for teens. We took into consideration the style, the size as well as comfort, all three which are major factors when it comes to making the final decision.



Flash Furniture Baseball Task Chair

This cool looking baseball desk chair is soft and comfortable to sit on. The seat is comfortable and the back provides good support when you lean against it.
It’s a relatively small chair which doesn’t take up a lot of space in your/ your kid’s room. The fact that it comes without arm rests makes it less bulky and able to easily fit under a desk, when not in use.
The seat and back is made of cream colored vinyl upholstered material with brown stitches in a baseball style pattern.
The vinyl feels soft and has a leathery texture. If it gets dirty it can easily be wiped clean, with a soft wet cloth.
The chair is easy to put together and great for kids around 8-13 years old.


Flash Furniture Peace Sign Printed Computer Chair

Peace sign desk chairs for teensThis peace sign printed chair is bound to spice up any teen’s room. The chair features a nylon base contoured seat, which is both comfortable to sit on and nice looking when not in use.
Underneath the seat you’ll find a pneumatic seat heigh adjustment lever, which easily raises and lowers the chair to a suitable height.
The chair is super easy to assemble and can be put together in less than half an hour.
The chair is relatively small and compact making it ideal for a teenager’s room. It can easily be pushed under a desk due to it not having any arm rests.
Because of the chair’s small size, it’s well suited for children, teens and small adults.
Lastly, this chair comes with several different design options, so if you don’t think peace signs are all that, you’ll definitely be able to find some other pattern, that suits your taste perfectly!



VIVA OFFICE Fashionable Multi-colored (Orange and Blue) Mid-Back Mesh Chair

VIVA OFFICE desk chairs for teensThis multi-colored chair from Viva Office is another awesome desk chair for teens. The back rest is made of mesh, which can generally be found on more high-end chairs. It’s often used in order to add comfort and make the chair more ergonomic as well as to add a cooling effect, because it allows for air to flow through.
The seat is covered with mesh as well, and features premium fabric upholstery which eliminates leg fatigue. This is especially useful when you need to sit on the chair for several hours in order to do homework or use the computer, as the ergonomic design will prevent you from feeling sore and tired even after working for several hours.
Lastly, apart from being comfortable, this chair also looks cool with its orange and blue design. Because it’s so colorful, it helps add a breath of fresh air to almost any room you might decide to place it in!
VIVA OFFICE Fashionable Multi-colored Chair


DX Racer OH/FE11/NR Racing Bucket Seat Office Chair

The racing seat computer chair is another super popular desk chair for teens at the moment. This chair features an ergonomic design with a comfortable head rest and lumbar cushion, which provides great support when you need to do homework or use the computer for extended periods of time.
The seat is made of breathable mesh covered PU leather, so it’ll stay comfortable even after many hours’ use.
The chair is easy to put together, and can be done quickly if you’re eager to put it to use asap!
The seat reclines to a comfortable angle, without you having to worry about the chair tipping over. If you feel that the arm rests are adding too much bulk it’s possible to remove them, in order to better fit the chair under your desk or another narrow space.
Because of the extra high backrest as well as the firm, supportive seat, this chair is great for students and gamers and other people who have to sit at the computer / at a desk for long hours every day.

Lastly, because this chair comes in multiple colors and sizes, please be sure to check the manufacturers website to make sure you get the right size for you.
DX Racer OH/FE11/NR Racing Bucket Seat Office Chair


Flash Furniture CH-CX0528H01-WH-LEA-GG High Back Executive Mesh Chair

This chair looks like something from a sci-fi movie, and is sure to look awesome in a  room decorated in a “modern” style. It’s also a great choice for teens who’re into sci-fi and high-technology.
It comes in two different colors (black and white) where the black is more traditional and the white more futuristic looking.
The high back features a built-in, padded head rest which offers better support than a regular back rest.
The back is made of flexible mesh which contours your body and hugs your mid section, which as a result adds comfort and support and makes this chair good for people who need to sit in it for long hours every day.
This is another great desk chair for teens, however, if you’re above 6’1 the top of the back rest might be a little bit narrow for your shoulders.
Although this is a great looking, comfortable, ergonomic chair, it’s not for everyone. If you’re big and/or tall, it might not be the best fit for you. If that’s the case please check out this review.
Flash Furniture White Office Chair


Choosing the Perfect Chair

Style, size, comfort!
-Which matters more?

Style is self explanatory. If the person who’s going to sit in the chair doesn’t like how it looks, it doesn’t bode well for the future of the chair.
Size is important too, as teens come in all shapes and sizes. If the chair is too big, it’ll be uncomfortable in the long run, as the chair won’t be able  to provide adequate support. Same goes for a chair that’s too small. Further more, a chair that’s too small might tip over or break, if the person sitting in it is too large.
Lastly, comfort. When it comes to desk chairs for teens it’s important to remember that the person who’ll be using the chair, will probably be using it for many, many hours per day. Not only will it be used for studying, it’ll also be used when your teen is on the computer, whether it’s for doing homework, playing games or chatting with their friends. Buying a cheap chair might be light on your wallet, but in the long run it’ll probably be hard on the user’s back, so be sure to get something that provides adequate amounts of support and comfort.

All in all, there are a multitude of things that need to be taken into consideration when looking at desk chairs for teens. We hope the above review has helped shed some light on the various aspects of the purchasing process.

Apart from being reviewed by us, all chairs on this website have also been reviewed by several Amazon users. So if you would like to check out the rating as well as what the buyers had to say about the individual chairs, please click the link under each picture or click on the images above.


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