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Cute Office Desk Decoration Ideas

If you work from home you know how important it is to actually like your office desk and its decor. Some people prefer a simple, minimalistic approach where they start off each day with nothing on their desk apart from a computer and maybe a cup of tea or coffee. Others like to decorate their desk with their favorite things, so they have something nice to look at, throughout their working day.

This article is full of cute office desk decoration ideas, so if you’re into pink, gold and pretty flowers, then this is definitely the guide for you! (If you don’t like cute things, then check out our guide on streamlined desk decoration ideas here).


Cute Desk Deco Idea #1: FLOWERS

White, Pink and Gold – probably the cutest color combination ever!

My best (and cutest) office desk decoration idea is by far keep a bunch of flowers on your desk. The flowers help instantly brighten up the space by adding both freshness, life and possibly a pop of color, if that’s what you want. If you want your desk to be as cute as possible, go for pink or white flowers. Other colors and green plants are also okay, but they just don’t add the same amount of cuteness.

The above three are all some of the most popular cute artificial pink flowers. Click on the pics to check out the flowers on Amazon.


Image Credit: Simply Jessica Marie


Cute Desk Deco Idea #2: GOLD (and pink)

Gold can be played up or down as much as you want. By combining it with pink and white, the overall feel instantly becomes super cute, light and pretty!
Adding a few gold desk accessories is an easy way to quickly make your desk space a lot cuter.

Check out the items above on Amazon, if you want your desk to look similar to that in the photo!


Cute Desk Deco Tip #3: Drink from a Nice Coffee Cup

Image Credit: Not Your Standard

This might sound kind of silly, but having a pretty coffee mug on your desk can actually add a lot to the overall aesthetic. Pick a color that matches the rest of your accessories, in order to create a cohesive style, such as in the image above.



Cute Desk Deco Tip #4: 3 Colors MAX

If you want to keep your desk looking cute, organized and pretty, then stick to a set color scheme of max 3 colors. Because cuteness usually means that you’ll have a lot of items on your desk, it can quickly get out of hand if every little thing is a different color. By sticking to things in matching colors, you avoid your desk ending up messy, in spite of you choosing to keep a lot of things on it, all of the time. -Of course, the 3 colors you pick matter as well. Go for light pastel colors such as the ones in the image above, and accent with gold accessories for a super cute look.

You can also keep the style monochromatic with black and white, and just add a single item in a different color, to brighten up the space a bit.


Look at how much life the flowers add!


Cute Desk Deco Tip #5: CANDLES!

 Keeping a set of candles on your desk is another great way to make the overall space a lot cuter. You can either go with a matching set like the ones above, or build you own by combining the cutest candles you can find.


Image Credit: The Everygirl

I hope these cute office desk decoration ideas were as inspiring to you as they were to me! Don’t forget to sign up for our mailing list, for more tips and tricks on how to decorate your home office space!

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