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Cute Home Office Nook Ideas

If you don’t have a lot of space, but still want to set up a home office, then setting up a little home office nook isn’t a bad idea.
A lot of people have, with great success, managed to fit a tiny (usually floating) desk into a corner, somewhere in their home, creating the perfect little space for getting things done.

By building upwards rather than sideways, and installing storage shelves above the desk, you can fit in your most used items as well, so you don’t have to disrupt your workflow in order to find a specific document or folder.
One very important thing however, is to keep the shelves mostly clear of items – a few books and document holders add to the design aesthetic, but the moment the amount of stuff exceeds the amount of free space, you run the risk of the nook becoming crowded and claustrophobic rather than beautiful and inspiring.


Home Office Nook with Light Wood and White Walls

Image Credit: Mim Design

This first home office nook features a bright and minimalistic design approach, with a simple desk and floating shelves. 
Each shelf has been tastefully decorated with only the most essential items, so as to avoid clutter which could otherwise quickly take over the entire space.



Small Kitchen Office Nook

Image Credit: Palmerson Design Consultants

Having an office nook in your kitchen is a great way to be close to whomever’s cooking, while still managing to get some work done. Sometimes working from home can get surprisingly lonely, especially when your home office is located far away from the kitchen where most of the action usually happens. 
However, because this kitchen office nook is located outside, yet close to the kitchen, you avoid running the risk of getting your things dirty whenever you or somebody else is cooking, yet remain close enough to go sample that cookie dough, if somebody happens to be baking that day.



Tiny Bedroom Home Office Nook

Image Credit: Sasha Lanka Design

This super tiny bedroom home office nook reminds me of something you would see in a hotel. It’s super cute, and an amazing way of utilizing that little corner behind the door, which might otherwise just have ended up being some kind of storage space.

By adding a plant or two as well as a designer chair that matches the overall finish of the wood, this little bedroom nook can easily become a favorite spot, when you just want to unwind while writing your diary or journal, at the end of the day.



Black Home Office Nook

Black and office nook aren’t usually two words that go well together. Black generally makes a space smaller, and when we’re dealing with office nooks .. well the space is usually small enough as it is. However, in this case, the black walls and chair fit perfectly with the aesthetic of the overall nook. 
The surrounding space it open and white, which helps brighten up the nook. The wooden desk and shelves with built-in spot lights also help brighten up the space further, successfully making this nook a peaceful place where you can enjoy a cup of coffee while reading a good book or working on your laptop.



White Home Office Nook With a View

Image Credit: Urban Operations


Simplicity is key in this home office setup. The windows ensure that lots of daylight streams into the room, and at night time, the built in spot-lights (above the desk) help brighten up the space, so it at no time seems cramped, in spite of its small size.
The desk offers a bit of convenient storage, so that you can always keep a pen and a piece of paper nearby, for when inspiration strikes.
Because of it’s super simple setup, this home office nook is great for jobs that require you to center your thoughts and concentrate on the task at hand, like when you’re writing or painting.


Bright White Living Room Office Nook


Sometimes, when the layout of your home isn’t completely traditional, you end up with a little space (like the one above) that’s hard to utilize, especially in a room such as the living room, where most of the furniture is usually grouped together.
The above living room office nook cleverly takes advantage of such a space, by turning it into a tiny office rather than letting it go to waste. 
By decorating it tastefully in a style that matches the overall style of the home, the living room home office nook helps add functionality to the living room, while at the same time being aesthetically pleasing, when it’s not in use. 


Minimalist Home Office Nook

Minimalism and clean design were the main points of focus when this home office nook was designed. The lightly colored wood paired with the white walls create a relaxing feel. The almost empty shelves further help bring home the point that you really don’t need a lot in order to have a successful minimalist aesthetic.
The little dark figure and the black chair are the only intentional dark objects in the room. Adding these two elements helps create contrast so the overall look doesn’t become too light.


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