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Quick Intro

In this review we are going to cover 5 different big and tall office chairs. We will go over their most popular features and why they’re great for tall people who might also be a bit on the heavier side.

Finding an office chair can be hard. Finding an office chair if you’re big/tall is even harder. Not only do the normal chair requirements come into play, you also need to make sure that it supports your weight, that the seat is long enough so it doesn’t stop mid thigh, that the back it tall enough and that the lumbar support is in the right place, in relation to your height.

All of these chairs are especially made for big and/or tall people, which ensures that they will hold up well over time as well as provide adequate comfort and support for the user. -SO if you fit either or both of those categories, this might just be the list for you!

We’ve included the maximum listed weight capacity for each chair, to make it easier to get a good overview of which model might fit you the best.

Ergohuman Black Mesh Hi Swivel Chair

Best Ergonomic Big & Tall Office Chair: Ergohuman Me7Erg-W09-01W09-01 Black Mesh Hi Swivel Chair

Weight capacity: 250 lbs

The Ergohuman chair is a high-grade ergonomically designed chair. Although it might look like an average sized chair from the picture, it is not. This is a tall chair which will provide great support and comfort for taller people. If you’re on the shorter end, you might find this chair too big.
The chair is made from sturdy materials, with metal and polyester being the main players. The seat and back are made of mesh which ensures breathability and comfort when you sit in the chair for long durations of time. Because the mesh allows air to circulate, the material won’t get warm and in return you won’t stick to the chair – even on hot summer days.

The arm rests are adjustable and can also be left off completely, in case you prefer that.

The chair features a synchro-tilt mechanism which means that most of the parts can be adjusted and tilted in order to fit your body perfectly – the lumbar support has vertical adjustment along with tilt/pitch, seat has depth adjustment with tilt/pitch control as well as standard vertical height adjustment. Because of this, the chair will help decrease back and neck pain drastically, and when adjusted correctly, will provide immediate noticeable comfort and support.

All of the controls and adjustments of the chair are done with one lever. Pushing it in different directions allows you to adjust the chair in multiple ways. It’s very easy and straight forward, and a displays great ingenuity.

It’s generally hard to find this kind of durable big and tall office chairs, so if you’ve been looking for an ergonomically designed chair with great flexibility, you might just have found the one!

Some reviewers noted that they had had this chair for several years, and in spite of the sitter being big and tall and using the chair for many hours every day, it’s still holding up. In case it doesn’t hold up, the Ergohuman does come with a lifetime warranty, which can be found on its Amazon page under Product Details.

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Comfort Products 60-5800T Commodore II

Comfort Products 60-5800T Commodore II

Best Heavy Duty Big & Tall Office Chair: Comfort Products 60-5800T Commodore II

Weight capacity: 350 lbs

The Commodore II is a heavy duty office chair, with black bonded leather upholstery. The frame of the chair is thick and solidly built and support people up to 350 lbs. The base of the chair is heavy duty chrome with dual wheel caters, that allow for smooth rolling on a variety of surfaces. One of the weak points of most office chairs is where the wheels are attached, but since the base of this chair is metal, that weakness isn’t present with this model.

The chair features an adjustable headrest to maximize head and neck comfort and padded chrome armrests. The seat can be adjusted in several ways and features tilt tension, lock swivel and seat height adjustment functions.

The seat cushion is nice and thick and well padded, to the degree that it might almost be too much for some people. However, the almost-over-stuffing helps prevent the seat being compressed over time, which is necessary when it comes to prolonged comfort.

The armrests sit far apart thus making it more comfortable for an “oversize” user. Some people have complained that the arm rests are too far apart, however in order to properly support ‘real’ oversize users, the distance between the arm rests is critical, which is an important point for this chair.

Over all, this is a great big and tall office chair. It’s comfortable and sturdy and great for people who might need a bit more space in their chair.

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Alera Merix450 Big & Tall Mid-Back Swivel Chair

Alera Merix450 Series Mesh Big/Tall Mid-Back Swivel/Tilt Chair

Best Mesh-Back Big & Tall Chair: Alera Merix450 Mesh Big & Tall Chair

Weight capacity: 450 lbs

The Alera Merix450 is another chair especially built for big and tall people. It offers support for users up to 450 lbs (hence the name) and is comfortable and sturdy and looks nice and professional.

The back features breathable mesh fabric, and the seat soft and cushiony with mesh upholstery. The mesh is comfortable and ensures better, more cooling air flow on those hot summer days.
The back rest features integrated lumbar support which encourages ideal back posture which is especially appreciated when leaning against the back rest.
The seat is plenty wide, and the padding is contoured in such a way that it distributes the pressure on the legs, also at the edge of the seat, in order to promote better blood circulation.
The seat is flat which makes it comfortable and prevents you from feeling like you’re being thrown forward.
The chair reclines about 50 degrees, which is enough for most people.
The arms are adjustable and can also be left off, in case you prefer it that way. Leaving off the arms makes it easier to push the chair under a desk, when not in use.

This chair is great for tall people. One reviewer mentioned being 6’5 and using it on one of the lowest settings. This chair is very comfortable for tall as well as big people. The support is good and the solid built ensures that it’ll hold up even through daily use.

On the negative side, some users reported that the chair smelled when they first received it. The smell was chemical, probably due to the treatment of the fabric. If you receive a chair that has a bad smell, you can leave it outside for a few days in order for the smell to go away.

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2xhome – White Tall and Big Ergonomic Office Chair

2xhome White Tall and Big Ergonomic Office Chair

Best White Big and Tall Office Chair: 2xhome – White Tall and Big Ergonomic Office Chair

Weight capacity: 250 lbs

This white chair from 2xhome is another model made especially for big and tall people. It’s designed with high back support to support a taller person, and features PU upholstery with a thick padded seat, in order to ensure that the person sitting in the chair remains comfortable for many hours.
The arm rests are padded and offer comfort and support as well.

The seat comes with adjustable tilt tension, so that you can control the amount of tilt when sitting in the chair. It allows you to adjust up to 20 degrees, and can be locked in the upright position.
Generally it’s hard to find big and tall chairs in white, which might sometimes be a problem when going for a specific look in the office or home office.

This chair ships in 3 different colors; white, black and brown, which offers greater flexibility than regular chairs, when it comes to finding a chair that matches your style just right.

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Serta 43506 Bonded Leather Big & Tall Executive Chair

Serta4 3506 Bonded Leather Big Tall Executive Chair

Best Big and Tall Chair For People Over 6ft: Serta big & tall executive chair

Weight capacity: 350 lbs

The Serta big & tall executive chair is a sturdy classy looking chair, made to support up to 350 lbs. It’s a tall chair, so if you’re shorter than 6ft, your feet are most likely going to dangle off the seat.
The upholstery is made of PU and the arm rests are classic bentwood padded armrests, in a rich espresso finish.

The chair is comfortable and feature deep, ergo layered body pillows in order to maximize support and comfort, for people who need to sit for long hours every day.
The padding of the pillows as well as the overall padding of the chair is firm but comfortable, and for those who might worry about it being too firm – it does break in.

The lumbar area features an adjustable lumbar mechanism, which ensures that the fit and lumbar-support is right for YOU. Coupled with the tilt mechanism which allows one to sit upright as well as lean back at a 60 degree angle, it a welcome addition and provides additional comfort. It’s easy to tilt just by leaning back, and the seat can be locked in place at any angle, in case you prefer to lean back slightly when working or watching movies in the chair.

Overall this is a super comfortable, good looking chair, which is super comfortable, especially if you’re tall. If you’re no where near 6 ft, you might want to look at some other models instead.

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Best big and tall office chair – Conclusion

One thing that people might not immediately consider, is the fact that a larger person puts more stress on the chair, especially the base and the cushion, and if it tilts, also the tilting mechanism of the back. Because of this, it’s important to get a chair that supports the weight of the user, so that the chair doesn’t break in the middle of the work day. Having a chair break underneath you might be a bit embarrassing but that’s nothing when compared to how dangerous it might be, if you fall off the chair due to it not being the right fit for you.

We hope that this review has helped shed some light on the fact that there are plenty of options out there when it come to comfortable big and tall office chairs, and that you in no way need to sacrifice style when it comes to choosing your chair.

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