Best Water Infuser Bottle Reviews

If you don’t have time to read this entire post, then let us make it fast for you – most of the buyers preferred the Infusion Pro because you can remove the basked and because of it’s handy design. You can check out what customers are saying about this product here.

This year is the year of health (or something like that.. Isn’t every year the year of health?), which means that you will undoubtedly want to be more hydrated while simultaneously consuming less sugar and other unhealthy additives.

You’ve probably read about making your own flavored water, and now you’re finding yourself wondering; “what is the best infuser water bottle, for making my own tasty, healthy water?” – hopefully, after reading this review, you’ll have gained some clarity on what the best flavor infuser water bottle is, so you’re ready to start off the new year in a healthy manner (or continue the year in a healthy manner, in case you’re reading this at a later point in time).

Best Water Infuser Bottle Reviews

Image Brand Volume Material Hot/Cold Compatible Price
  Great Gear  25 oz  BPA free plastic  Yes/Yes  *
  Infusion Pro  24oz  BPA free plastic Yes/No *
  Nalu Sun 15.8oz Glass Yes/Yes **
  Oxford Eve’s  12oz  Glass Yes/Yes ***

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Best Water Infuser Bottle

Best Water Infuser Bottle: Great Gear Water Infuser

First up we have the bottle from Great Gear. This bottle offers a lot of versatility, which is what earned it the first place on this list.
If you want to just add a hint of fruit flavor to your water, simply add the fruits inside the fruit infuser basket, shake, wait a moment and you’re good to go! If you want extreme fruit flavor explosion, you can add the fruits outside the basket instead. This allows you to add more fruits, which will result in more flavor. On top of that, adding the fruit to the outside of the basket will limit the amount of pulp, if that’s a concern to you. It doesn’t leak and it comes in 5 different colors, so you can pick the one you like the best. It’s made from BPA-free copolyester, so it’s safe for food and beverages, which is important.
This flavor infuser water bottle comes with a free recipe book, that is sent to your email after you’ve finalized the purchase. In case you don’t receive it, simply contact the seller and they’ll resend it to you.

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Pros Cons
Easy to use
Ability to add fruits to the outside of the basket
Leak proof design
Finger grip around the neck makes it easier to carry
Fruit sometimes clog up the center, making it hard for you to drink
Lid might not be secure enough if you want to throw it into your bag (as opposed to carry it around)

Best Water Infuser Bottle With Removable Basket

Best Water Infuser Bottle With Removable Basket: Infusion Pro Premium Fruit Infused Water Bottle

Another of the best flavor infuser water bottles currently on the market is this one. What sets this bottle apart from the competition is it’s smart and convenient design, which comes with a slew of benefits.
The bottle opens up at the bottom (as well as the top, obviously) which allows for easy cleaning. On top of that, the infuser basket sits at the bottom which means that it will continue infusing flavor into the bottle even when it’s half full.
The flavor infuser basket is removable as well, so you can use the bottle as a sports bottle, if need be.
It comes with a recipe book that will be sent to you, upon completed purchase.

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Pros Cons
Easy to clean
Better fruit infusion than normal
Rem vent leaking
Made from BPA Free Eco Friendly Eastman Tritan Copolyester Plastic
Comes with a sleeve which prevents the bottle from sweating due to temperature differences.
Can’t hold hot water
Too little room to add ice (according to some buyers)

Best Glass Infuser Water Bottle

Best Glass Infuser Water Bottle: Nalu sun tea infuser

The Nalu sun tea infuser is one of the best glass infuser water bottles currently for sale. It’s made from glass, which makes it suitable for making fruit infused water (of course) as well as for brewing coffee and tea.
One of the points that makes this infuser great, is its flexibility. The infuser basket can be added or removed whenever you want, which makes it suitable for tea and coffee (remove the basket so the tea doesn’t end up steeping for too long, which makes it bitter etc)…
The bottle itself is made from glass, with an insulating layer of air in between the internal glass clamber and the external one – this keeps your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold.
Furthermore, with glass, you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals seeping into your water.
The infusion basket is made from certified lead free metal, which is another point, that you don’t have to worry about. The lid itself is made from bamboo with a plastic scaffolding inside, which ensures that it will remain tight with no water leakage.

One point I noticed about this product, is that the customer service appears to be extremely good. They respond to comments and questions made on Amazon, and are willing to exchange the lid, if problems should arise with regards to the natural bamboo material (just remember to register your warranty).
I haven’t contacted them myself, so the above observation is just based on what I’ve seen on Amazon.

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Pros Cons
Made from glass (this is both a pro and a con, see below)
Double walled insulation
Able to handle hot and cold liquids
“Natural” materials (glass, wood, lead free metal)
Responsive customer service
Made from glass (if you drop it, you’re in trouble)
Not a lot of room in the infusion basket
Some instances of the inner compartment cracking have been recorded (the manufacturer appeared to replace the item though)

Best Glass Infuser Water Bottle With Thick Glass

Best Glass Infuser Water Bottle With Thick Glass: Oxford Eve Glass Water Infuser

Another of the best glass infuser water bottles is this one from Oxford Eve’s.
Whether this one is better than the one mentioned above, is up to the individual to decide, as both come very close in terms of look and quality.

Another important feature of the best glass infuser water bottles, is that the glass is thick enough to offer proper insulation. This glass infuser features a glass body that’s 3mm thicker than most of the competition, which ensures that it will keep your hot drinks hot longer.
It comes with a complimentary neoprene sleeve, which provides extra protection when traveling, as well as makes sure that the bottle sits snugly in your car’s cup holder.
The infusion unit consists of two parts, an infuser and a strainer, which adds flexibility to the kinds of things you can brew/infuse with this bottle.

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Pros Cons
Glass – healthier than plastic
Thick glass walls
Nice design
Easy to use, keep clean etc
Keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot for loner
Good customer support
Glass – don’t drop it
Cracks easily according to some


All in all, when it comes to finding the best flavor infuser water bottle, you want to consider a few things before making the final purchase (unless you’re okay with buying more than one). What will you be using it for?
If you plan on using it for fruit and cold water only, then both plastic as well as glass is suitable.
If you want it to be usable for both hot and cold beverages – fruit infused water as well as coffee and tea, then getting a class infuser is better.

In terms of portability, glass is always going to be more fragile than plastic, so that’s also worth keeping in mind, before making the final purchase.

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