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Best Warm Gray Paint Colors for your Office

Painting one or all of the walls in your home office is a great way to instantly class up the room. White walls aren’t bad, but adding a touch of color (without actually using color) can really help improve the overall feel of the room.
If you pair the grey walls with a few accessories in the right colors, you can tailor the room to fit exactly your taste and image.


1. Clean and Bright 

The yellowish curtains and fresh green plant add a nice contrast to the warm gray walls.
The white trimmings on the door as well as the book cases helps add brightness to the room which makes it bright and stylish.

Wall Color: Baby Seal by Dunn Edwards




2. Textured Canvas Walls 

Image Credit:

A semi-classic home office with warm gray doors, cabinets and paneling.
The brown found in the desk, wall color and rug goes well with the gray, and helps soften up the overall image so it doesn’t become too simplistic and plain.

Trim & Cabinetry: Rubidoux 2304 by Pratt & Lambert




3. Travel Crazy 

Image Credit:

Another classy home office. This time we have warm gray walls paired with old maps framed in black and dark brown frames, which match the overall style of the room – notice the trunks against the wall and the metal trunk in the middle which serves as a table, not to mention the globe which really underlines the the fact that the designer had “adventure” on their mind when they decorated this room.

Wall Color: SW 7017 by Dorian Gray



4. Blue and Gray

Image Credit:

Blue, gray and white go well together – which can be seen in this photo. Although I don’t think it’s completely done in the photo above, it gives a good indication of how blue can add a pop of color to an otherwise monotone color scheme.

Wall Color: Sherwin Williams “Mindful Gray”
White Trim: Sherwin Williams trim paint (standard white)

For a color-dupe of the mindful gray, you can try this paint, which is available on Amazon:


5. Open and Orange 

 Here we have a large, open office with warm grey walls, white paneling and white furniture which adds a nice accent to the panels.
The orange chair serves as the centerpiece and main focus of the room, and adds a pop of color to liven up the setting.

Wall Color: Benjamin Moore CC-518

6. Traditional meets Modern 


This traditional gray home office has a very monotone feel, which helps make it feel like a very calm and quiet place, where you can get a lot of work (or studying) done.
The old books and the painting in the bookshelf add classic charm to the room, which goes again in the mirror on the wall and the rolling staircase for the book shelf. 
The desk and chair are both somewhat modern, which adds a bit of edge to the overall design, which elevates it and makes it feel both contemporary and classic at the same time.

Wall Color: Benjamin Moore HC168 Chelsea Gray (semi gloss because it is paneling)
Ceiling: Benjamin Moore HC172 Revere Pewter


 7. Gray and Wood

Image Credit:

The walls in this room almost seem beige rather than warm gray, due to all the wooden furniture – however, they are actually gray. 
Decorating your home office with warm gray walls and lots of warm furniture is a great way to make the overall room feel very warm and cozy.
The Chair in the photo is the Aeron from Herman Miller which we have a review of here (scroll down to the bottom review – link opens in a new tab).

Wall Color: Benjamin Moore – November Rain




8. Three-color Balance

Image Credit:

Gray, brown and white – those are the 3 most prevalent colors in this photo. They all work well together, with the brown adding a more natural feel, while the white brightens up the place. The gray serves as a good backdrop for it all, creating a nice atmosphere while remaining unobtrusive.

Wall Color: Sherwin Williams – Mindful Gray


 9. Sleek Modernism

Image Credit:

This nice gray home office is sleek and modern. The cool transparent chair combined with the shiny polished lamp is contrasted with the soft light carpet, which makes it all appear both balanced and intentional.

Wall color: Benjamin Moore – Dior Gray (#2133-40)



10. Light Gray and Bold Orange 

Image Credit:

This is a funky light little home office. The light gray walls and white panels are contrasted by the bold orange wallpaper inside the bookcase and the little flower on the vase.
The light turquoise of the flowers (on the wallpaper) goes again in the pillow and the vase on the table, which creates a harmonious scene, in spite of the bold nature of the orange color.

Wall Color: Benjamin Moore – Stonington Grey



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