Best walk behind salt spreader for Snow and Ice Melt

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Quick Intro

This quick guide will cover 3 of the best walk behind salt spreaders currently on the market. Since winter is here, and snow is everywhere, being able to salt quickly and efficiently is key! Hopefully this guide will help you in your quest to clear the driveway of snow!

Winter is fast approaching, and with that comes slippery driveways, icy sidewalks and a bruised behind, if you don’t watch out. Throwing salt on the snow and ice in order to melt it, is probably something we’re all familiar with – whether it’s done by us, a neighbor or someone whose job it is.

If you want to (or have to, due to laws and regulations) take care of your own driveway and sidewalk in front of your home, getting a push salt spreader is a good choice, especially if you have a rather large area, that you need to salt.

In this review I’ll go over some of the best walk behind salt spreaders, currently on the market.


Best Multifunction Broadcast Walk Behind Spreader


Best multi-function walk-behind salt spreader:Mini Broadcast Spreader from Scotts Turf

To start off with, we have the Mini Broadcast Spreader from Scotts Turf. What sets this salt spreader apart from the competition, is that it is somewhat multi-functional.

In the winter, it’s perfect for spreading salt, and in the summer, it can be used for spreading seeds if you’re looking to plant something, or spreading things like ant repellant, if you want to keep away those pesky little buggers.

The spreader itself is the shape of a typical walk behind salt spreader, with a container to hold the salt on top, two wheels and a handle.

This particular salt rock spreader is probably the most popular one on Amazon, among other reasons due to its low price point and good quality, two things that often don’t go hand in hand.

It works straight out of the box, meaning it comes pre-calibrated and ready to rock and roll. On the back, there’s an orange dial that you can turn, if you want to increase or reduce the amount of output, which ensures accurate coverage.

There’s also an edge guard, which makes it possible for you to close off the side, preventing salt from being spread onto areas that you don’t want it spread onto. This is also useful in the summer, if you need to spread seeds, but don’t want them ending up on the sidewalk etc.

The smallest walk behind salt spreader holds enough product to cover up to 5,000 sq ft

The wheels of this push salt spreader are rugged and great for a variety of terrains, be it snowy pave walks in the winter or your grassy lawn, in the summer.

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Best Sturdy Professional Salt and Ice Melt Spreader

Best sturdy walk behind salt spreader: Chapin 100lb SS Pro Salt Spreader

This is another one of the best walk behind salt spreaders currently available.

It’s bigger and more sturdy than the model above, which makes it great for thicker layers of snow and jobs that are more labor intensive overall.

It comes with a plastic cover to ensure that snow doesn’t get into the container, when you’re salting. One of the benefits of this walk behind salt spreader are the flap guards, which help block some of slush from spraying back onto you and your clothes, when you’re pushing the salt spreader through the snow.

The wheels on this walk behind salt spreader are extremely heavy duty, not to mention large, which makes it suitable pushing through snow and slush, when it has already fallen. These large wheels have quite a large tread, which also keeps it sturdy, and prevents it from veering all over the place.

This walk behind salt spreader -can- be used for seeds as well, however it’s not really suited for this purpose. The output can’t be adjusted, so if you’re distributing something like fine grass seeds, that will end up being a problem, as too much will be distributed.

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Best Salt Spreader / Garden Seeder

Best All Purpose Salt Spreader / Garden Seeder: Scotts Pro EdgeGuard Broadcast Spreader

Last but not least we have a walk behind salt spreader, which looks somewhat like fusion of the above two models.

The wheels are medium sized, featuring pneumatic stud type tires with good tread, which makes it suitable for salting in the winter as well as for seeding in the summer.

The spreader width is 5 feet, which allows for a few feet in between passes, ensuring an even spread.
It’s designed to handle heavy loads of up to 80lbs, which makes it convenient and prevents you from having to reload it all the time. It also makes you feel less bad about adding a lot of salt/seeds to it, as you know you won’t be abusing it – it can totally take it!

One area where this falls short of the first model, is that the Scotts Pro salt spreader doesn’t have edgeguard. This means that you have to plan ahead in order to prevent spreading salt (or seeds) into areas where you don’t want them.

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Which to choose?

Firstly, when looking for the best push salt spreader, it’s important to consider your needs – is it only going to be used in the winter, for spreading salt, or would you like to be able to use it in the spring too, for spreading seeds and other things that have to be distributed in a finer layer.

Secondly, you want to consider the capacity. The first model we mentioned have a smaller capacity, which makes it more suitable for smaller areas, whereas the second one can hold more salt.

Lastly, you’ll want to consider your budget. Sometimes spending more money is worth it, other times it isn’t, especially if it’s something that you’re only going to be using, a few times a year.

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