Best Plastic Squeeze Bottles For Sauces

If you don’t have time to read this entire post, then let us make it fast for you – most of the buyers preferred the New Star Foodservice bottles because of their durability and large size. You can check out what customers are saying about this product here.

There are quite a few different plastic squeeze bottles for sauces available on the market. In this review, we’ve highlighted 3 of the most popular ones, including the pros and cons for each bottle.

Best Plastic Squeeze Bottles For Sauces

Image Brand Volume Quantity Price
  New Star Foodservice  32oz  6  *
   Homestead Choice  16oz  6+1 *
  Tovla  8oz  4 **

Best large wide-mouth plastic squeeze bottle for sauces

Best large wide-mouth plastic squeeze bottle for sauces: New Star Foodservice 26269 Squeeze Bottles

The best wide-mouth plastic squeeze bottles for sauces that we found, were these ones from New Star Foodservice.
The bottles come in a pack of 6, with each bottle being able to hold a whopping 32oz.
Of course, the bottles are BPA free, and safe to go in the dishwasher and microwave oven.
The large opening makes it easier to refill these bottles compared to most of the other ones on the market, and that’s definitely the main selling point for these, apart from the large size. Also, because of the large opening, these plastic squeeze bottles are easier to clean in the dishwasher, as the wide opening allows for more water to get in and clean the inside of the bottle.
These bottles are great for most jobs that require plastic squeeze bottles, but especially for holding condiments or sauces that are on the thicker side, such as bbq sauce, mayonnaise and pancake batter. They can also be used for holding chocolate when filling chocolate molds and holding water for watering your plants, with the large 32oz size being especially convenient for the latter..
The bottles do come in smaller sizes too, in case 32oz. Is a bit too big, for what you need them for.
One major drawback for these bottles, is the lack of cap or lid to close them with, when not in use. Most plastic squeeze bottles for sauces usually come with a little cap so you can close them when they’re not in use, however, since these don’t, you’ll have to get creative and either use a little piece of aluminum foil, or something else.
Some people were really disappointed with the lack of cap, however, since that was the one major complaint, we still think, that these bottles are worth the money.

Colored plastic squeeze bottle for sauces
These plastic squeeze bottles are also available in red and yellow, which is perfect for condiments such as ketchup, mustard, bbq sauce etc.

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Best squeeze bottle for sauces with a small tip

Best squeeze bottle for sauces with a small tip: Bonus 7-pack Plastic Squeeze Condiment Bottles 16-Ounce With Red Cap Set of 7 16-oz

These plastic squeeze bottles come in a pack of 6 + one bonus bottle (meaning 7 in total). There are two sizes, one being 8oz and the other 16oz. The bottles are guaranteed BPA free, and made in the USA.
The mouth opening of these bottles is rather small, which might be a pro or a con, depending on what you need to use them for. It does make them a bit harder to fill, however in most instances it can be taken care of by using a funnel, which is always a good idea regardless.
One super good point about the small opening, and about these bottles in general too, is the fact that the lid is quite tight, which means that they’re pretty much leak proof.
This is a major selling point if you’re going to be using them for oils or salad dressings, as it won’t leak out, when you squeeze the bottle.
The tip of these bottles is very small, which makes them great for artwork as well as for when you only need to add a small amount of oil or condiment. If you do need a larger opening simply cut off more of the tip, and voila! Once caveat here is that the little red cap won’t fit, if you cut off too much of the tip. In that case, you can always turn the cap upside down, and fit it into the opening, rather than on top of it, sealing the bottle that way.

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Best squeeze bottles for sauces with screw-on lid

Best squeeze bottles for sauces with screw-on lid: Tovla Plastic Squeeze Bottles with Leak-Proof White Cap (8-Oz, Set of 4) and Funnel

These squeeze bottles for sauces from Tovla come in packs of either 4 or 8 and are available in both 8oz and 16oz capacities.
The bottles are BFA free and made of HDPE plastic (according to the manufacturer), which should make them safer to use with food items, than regular PET bottles.
Furthermore, because they’re made from HDPE, they are able to hold acetone, making them great for use in nail salons, at home or in other situations, where you need to store acetone in a convenient yet secure way.

The pouring spout itself can be adjusted by cutting off more of the tip, if you need a bigger hole.
Now, the main selling point for these bottles, is the screw-on lid. Most bottles come with a little plastic cap that covers the tip, however, these plastic squeeze bottles come with a proper, big lid, that screws on at the base of the nozzle, meaning it will be secure, regardless of how much of the tip you cut off.
Another great point is the measurements printed on the bottle, which makes it easier to mix your ingredients directly in the bottle. It’s also a good way of keeping track of how much is left / how much you have used, which comes in handy when you’re cooking.

The spill proof caps, along with the screw on lid, make these plastic squeeze bottles well suited for storing things like paint, that might otherwise dry out.
The drawback of this, however, is that the mouth-opening of these bottles is rather small, which makes them hard to fill without a funnel, especially when it comes to thicker liquids.

If you need to use plastic squeeze bottles for ketchup, mustard, bbq sauce and other thicker condiments, then there’s another line available by the same brand, Tovla, which has a bigger opening, making them easier to fill.

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