Best Office Chair Under $200

Office chairs are expensive!

-We all know that.

However, since we all need something to sit on while working, but might not always have all the money in the world to buy it, looking for the best office chair under 200 dollars, is generally not a bad idea. -and that’s where this review comes into the picture

These chairs were all rated highly by the users. Further more, they’re all nicely designed and offer you something comfortable to sit on, without breaking the bank.





Flash Furniture Mid-Back Mesh Task Chair

This chair is the lowest priced out of the best office chairs under 200, so if low price is what matters most to you, this is definitely worth considering.
The back-rest features a mid-back design, made out of mesh. The mesh ensures comfort and breathability, so your back won’t get hot and sticky even after sitting on the chair for a long time.
The fabric of the chair is black and made out of  a stain-resistant material, which definitely comes in handy in the office, where coffee spills have been known to happen occasionally. The chair does in a few other colors than black, but those variants are slightly more pricy. However, if you’re prefer a colored seat, or you need it in order for the chair to fit the design of your office or home, I think it’s definitely worth the extra dollars.
On the topic of the seat – the seat (regardless of color) is 3 inches thick and padded and very comfortable to sit on.
The back of the chair is, as previously mentioned, mesh. Further more, the back is adjustable, which enables you to set in such a way that it’s the most comfortable for you!
The chair features smooth wheels, which makes it easy to roll around the office.
Lastly, the chair is easy to assemble and doesn’t require any special tools or technical abilities.

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SPACE Seating AirGrid Dark Back and Black Mesh Seat

The SPACE AirGrid is another great chair under 200. It’s highly adjustable, which ensures that it will fit a variety of users, and always deliver great comfort and support, which is what lands it on the ‘best office chair under 200’ list.
The seat is soft and comfortable and the cushioning foam is covered with mesh material.
The back is made of Breathable Air Grid® mesh which offers strong support and helps alleviate back pain, when you need to work for a few hours. Using the 2-to-1 synchro-tilt you can adjust the back and seat angle together, to make it fit exactly your body.

Although this is a good chair for the price, some users did find that it was more suited to be used for short to moderate periods of time, and that after about 4 hours, their backs started to get tired, mainly due to the chairs inability to tilt forward, in order to accommodate extended periods of keyboard use.

The wheels are specially designed to roll smoothly on carpet (which they do very well), however, this means that they aren’t suitable for all floor types. This means that it’s advisable to purchase additional casters, if you intend to use the chair mainly on floors that aren’t carpeted.
The chair is very easy to assemble, and adding the casters that fit your floor the best, isn’t a problem either.

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basyx by HON HVL532 Mesh High-Back 2-Way Arms

Hon is a strong contender on the office chair market, so of course they also have a place on the ‘best office chair under 200’ list. This particular model, the HVL532, is very popular as well ad highly adjustable.

Adjust ing the seat depth and height is easy. The levers for making the adjustments are located under the seat, for easy access. The Asynchronous control uses multiple independent controls to provide the widest range of adjustments, in order to make it as comfortable as possible.
The back and arm height can also be adjusted in order to make it fit your body perfectly.
The seat is tall and very cushiony, which makes it feel like sitting on a comfortable cloud. It’s molded in order to better fit your lower body which is definitely a welcome addition, when you need to sit and work for extended periods of time.

The seat is covered with durable 100% polyester upholstery. It’s treated with nano-tex soil and stain protection, which means it’ll stay clean, even through many years of use, or that it can easily be wiped clean, if it does get dirty.
The back is springy and made of mesh, which provides good support and helps alleviate fatigue. The lower portion of the back rest offers good lumbar support, which is necessary in order to not be in pain after working on the computer for several hours.

Overall, with the high level of adjustability, as well as the many ergonomic features this chair offers, makes it a highly recommended model, on this ‘best office chair under 200’ list.

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WorkPro Commercial Office Task Chair

The WorkPro is another comfortable, customizable office chair. The arm rests are adjustable, in order to provide maximum comfort and support. What’s special about the arm rest adjustments for this chair is that they can be adjusted outwards and inwards, as well as up and down, meaning that you can change the distance between the armrests and your body, in order to better accommodate your frame. This is an especially welcome feature when it comes to people who might not be very tall, as the distance between the arm rests on the majority of office chairs is often too wide, making it uncomfortable and not supportive enough over time.
The back of the chair is comfortable and made of breathable mesh. The curved lumbar support section of the back is places appropriately for slightly shorter people, and fits the natural curve of the spine well, without pushing the person forward in the seat due to the fit being wrong.
This as well as the fact that the chair can be lowered to a low height, makes the chair very comfortable for shorter people in general.
The seat of the chair is made of memory foam. At first glance it seems hard, but as you sit on it, it turns out to be surprisingly comfortable. Further more, it adds great support when sitting at the desk for many hours every day.

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basyx by HON HVL541 Mesh Task Chair

Another model from HON also made it to the ‘best office chair under 200’ list. This chair looks like a high-end designer chair with its broad curves and overall slender profile.
It features a Five-Star base and back frame are molded from reinforced resin.
The portion of the back that you lean against is made of breathable mesh, which we’ve seen a lot of lately, on a variety of different chairs, due to its high comforts and breathability.

The lumbar support of this chair conforms to the users body. It provides good comfort and support and is adjustable, so you can find the fit that perfect for your body, without having to settle for a factory default.
The adjustable-height arm rests allow the user to rest their forearms while typing, which helps alleviate fatigue when working for long hours every day. If you find it more comfortable to work without being bothered by the arm rests, you can remove them completely. This also makes it easier to fit the chair under a desk and keep it out of the way when it’s not in use.
The seat is very firm and good for your posture, which makes this a good chair if you need to sit for several hours every day.
Lastly, this chair is very easy to assemble and the hydraulic  pump is smooth and doesn’t make any sounds when you sit down or adjust the seat up and down.

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Deciding which is the best office chair under 200 for you

When looking for an office chair under 200 dollars there are a number of things that you want to keep in mind. First of all, the brand’s reputation. Is this an established brand, or is it just something that’s made in china and which is going to fall apart after you’ve sat on it twice.

You also want to think about how much you’re going to be using the chair. Chairs which are priced at a lower price point, generally aren’t built to last as long as more expensive chairs. This isn’t always the case, but a lot of the time you do get what you pay for. If not in materials, then in the research that went into designing the chair (think ergonomics, the decision of using certain materials for certain jobs etc).

That being said however, there are some good models to be found, also at a lower price level.
Before making your final purpose, it’s important to reconsider what you actually want and need in the chair. Do you care about adjustable arm rests, or could you do without? Is it important that the lumbar support of the back is adjustable? -and so on.

In this guide we highlighted 5 of the best and most popular office chairs under 200 dollars, currently on the market, in hopes of making it easier for the consumer, to find the perfect chair for him or her.

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