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best office chair mat

Having a good office chair mat is important if you want to protect your rug and/or flooring. However, not all mats are made the same – some are better quality than others, and some are made for specific purposes, such as being able to fit underneath your desk or another narrow space.traditional-office-chair-mat
There are also big differences when it comes to the material they’re made of – some look great but are prone to cracking, while others hold up well, even after several years of (ab)use.

Common for all of them is that they’re made to protect your floor, and prevent your chair from creating indentations or scratches, so your flooring will stay new and beautiful forever.

In this guide we will cover some of the different types of mats because we believe that it’s important to find the best office chair mat for your specific situation, whether you be looking for something unobtrusive to protect the carpet or a mat that makes a bold statement and works together with the overall aesthetic of your home office.



When you start looking for the best office chair mat you’ll notice, that they come in a variety of different materials – Polycarbonate, Vinyl and even Wood – and that each material serves a specific purpose or situation:

Material Polycarbonate Vinyl PVC Wood Glass
Durability staryellowstaryellowstaryellowstaryellowstaryellow  staryellowstaryellowstaryellowstaryellow  staryellowstaryellowstaryellow  staryellowstaryellowstaryellowstaryellow staryellowstaryellowstaryellowstaryellowstaryellow
Price Point staryellowstaryellowstaryellow – $70+  staryellowstaryellowstaryellow – $60+  staryellowstaryellowstaryellow – $60+  staryellowstaryellowstaryellowstaryellow – $100+  staryellowstaryellowstaryellowstaryellowstaryellow – $200+
Other  Rigid not flexible  Rigid not flexible Can be rolled Some are foldable
Looks nice
Won’t Scratch
Looks nice
Smooth Rolling




In order to pick the proper shape and size, consider the furthest point you’ll need to roll in order to retrieve stuff, and then make your decision for size based on that. Also, consider how far you roll your chair underneath your desk both when you’re sitting in it but also when it’s not in use.
When it comes to office chair mat shapes, rectangular, lipped, contoured and square generally fit writing tables and u-desks, where rectangular, contoured and ‘corner workstation‘ fit L-shaped desks and corner workstations better.



Flooring – Carpet or Hardwood?


Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 3.09.55 PMAs a general rule, the thicker the carpet,  the thicker the mat you should get. Another very important thing to keep in mind is to get a mat that has grippers – the little spikes underneath the mat. These help keep the mat in place on your carpet, so it doesn’t slide around and end up migrating away from its designated area.


Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 3.12.08 PMIf your floor is made of hardwood (or cement or another hard material) you want to get a mat without grippers. The grippers are meant for carpets only, and can, at worst, end up destroying the surface of your wood floor (best case scenario would be the mat cracking instead).
Another option is anti-slip which are mats that feature a very light adhesive coating, which makes it stay in place. Be sure to get a good mat that won’t leave marks.

Design / Aesthetic

The office chair mat for you, is going to be one that both fits your situation as well as one that compliments your office. If you don’t want to see it at all, getting a clear chair mat in either a plastic material or glass is the way to go. If you would like it to add a pop of color or in other ways compliment the office, then why not consider a mat with print, or one made completely out of wood?

Glass - Sleek and Modern

Glass – Sleek and Modern

Plastic - discreet and versatile

Plastic – discreet and versatile

Wood - Warm and inviting

Wood – Warm and inviting

Wood - Modern Setting

Wood – Modern Setting

Colorful yet discrete

Colorful yet discrete

Colorful and Professional

Colorful and Professional


How to find the best office chair mat for you


Carpet – Mat with Grippers
Hard – Mat without Grippers
Hard but easily dented – Thick Plastic or Glass
Hard and slick – Consider an anti-slip mat

Be sure to consider

Total floor space
Area you’ll need to roll
Size of your workstation
Size of your floorbaze


Other things to consider regarding office chair mats

Be sure to check which warranty your mat comes with – some come with 1-2 years, some with limited life warranty and some with life warranty. Generally, most office chair mats start cracking and otherwise deteriorating after 1-2 years the earliest, so the limited-life warranty might be preferable.



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