Best Infused Water Pitcher

If you don’t have time to read this entire post, then let us make it fast for you – most of the buyers preferred the Gourmet2day because of its large size and ability to hold both hot and cold water. You can check out what customers are saying about this product here.

Infusion water pitchers keep becoming more and more popular, as people continue to acknowledge the health benefits of drinking enough water.
However, drinking plain old water can get a bit boring, which is where fruit infusion pitchers come into the picture.
With these, you can create your own flavorful concoctions, which ensures that you stay hydrated, while simultaneously getting all of the good nutritions from the fruits.

In this review I’m going to cover 3 of the best infused water pitchers currently on the market.

Best Infused Water Pitcher

Image Brand Volume Hot/Cold Price
  Prodyne  3.5 Quarts  No/Yes  *
   Gourmet2Day  3 Quarts  Yes/Yes **
  Ultimate Kitchenc  3+L  No/Yes


Best Round Infused Water Pitcher

Best Infused Water Pitcher: Prodyne Fruit Infusion Flavor

To start off with, we have the Prodyne Fruit Infusion Flavor pitcher. This is number one on my list, simply because it’s available in a variety of different types and shapes, making it possible to pick the one that suits your fruit cocktails / temper / fridge the best.
The basic model big pitcher is made from crystal clear acrylic plastic, and is BPA, BPS, and BPF free.
It features a 3.5 quart (112 ounce) capacity pitcher, with a clear fruit infusion compartment in the middle. It’s possible to refill the pitcher without removing the fruit, making it convenient, if you drink a lot, throughout the day.
The fruit infusion compartment reaches far down, almost to the bottom of the pitcher, which ensures that you get flavored water, even if there’s only a little bit of water left in the pitcher.

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Best Infused Water Pitcher

Best Infused Water Pitcher: Fruit & Tea Infusion Flavor Pitcher from Gourmet2day

Next up on our list of best infused water pitchers we have the Fruit & Tea Infusion Flavor Pitcher from Gourmet2day.
This pitcher features a 3QT (2.8LTR) compartment, which is a bit less than the first model, mentioned in this review.
However, this model comes with several different kinds of infusers, which is what sets it apart from the competition. There’s a tea infuser, fruit infuser as well as an ice compartment, in case you want to use it for chilled drinks, without having the ice cubes dissolve into the liquid inside the pitcher.
Some customers noted that the fill line in this pitcher was quite low, this is simply to prevent it from overflowing. You can actually fill it with more water, just be careful not to add too much.
Another point that makes this infused water pitcher great, is that you can use it with boiling water (for instance when making tea). This greatly increases the possibilities of healthy fruit and infusion teas that you can make with it!

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Best Large Infused Water Pitcher

Best Large Infused Water Pitcher: Ultimate Kitchens – Water Infuser Pitcher

Last but not least we have the Water Infuser Pitcherfrom Ultimate Kitchens.
This is a good looking infusion water pitcher, with a large 3L capacity (the largest capacity of the pitchers we have reviewed), so if you’re looking to make big batches of fruit infused water, then this might just be the pitcher for you.
The internal fruit compartment reaches pretty far down, which allows you to infuse even small amounts of water.
This pitcher is NOT suitable for hot liquids, however it CAN go in the dishwasher, when you need to clean it.
The pitcher is made from BPA free clear acrylic.

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These are the 3 best infused water pitchers, that we have been able to find. Each one has its own pros and cons, which is good to keep in mind when making your final purchase.
If you want to use it for both hot and cold drinks, then the second model is the best, as it handles fruit infusions as well as tea infusions perfectly.
If you want to make as large a quantity as possible, then go for option 3, as the pitcher has space enough for 3L of liquid.
If you want variety and plenty of choice, then pick option one, as this pitcher comes in a few different models, and thereby allows you to pick the one that suits you the best.

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