Best Ice Melt for Concrete and Pets

If you don’t have time to read this entire post, then let us make it fast for you – most of the buyers preferred the Safe Paw ice melt due to it being safe for pets and children. You can check out what customers are saying about this product here.

Quick Intro

In this quick guide we will cover a couple of the best ice melts currently on the market. Regardless of whether you’re worried about your concrete not being damaged, or the safety of your beloved pet’s paws, we’ve got you covered!

Winter is coming, as it snow, ice and slush. Before all of that goes down, it’s good to be prepared, which is why we’ve put together this list of 3 of the best ice melts, currently on the market.

We have the best ice melt for concrete, the best ice melt for pets and one that seem to be good for both purposes, so, whatever your needs might be, this review of the best ice melts should have you covered.


Best Ice Melt for Concrete

Best Ice Melt for Concrete: 96% Pure Calcium Chloride

96% Pure CALCIUM CHLORIDE Snow & Ice Melt Pellets is probably the best ice melt for concrete on the market at the moment, it surely is the most popular.

Its main ingredient is calcium chloride and comes in a bucket of about 39 lbs. Simply spread it onto the ice or snow, and the water will activate the pellets, causing them to melt the snow or ice.

A lot of people worry about damaging their concrete driveways and the pavement in front of their home. When researching this product, I did not find any people who had any complaints regarding this.

Buyers were generally very happy with how this ice melt worked on various kinds of concrete – one buyer had a driveway with a large stamped concrete pad, and didn’t experience any issues using this product on it. Another buyer used it on their driveway and walkway during an especially snowy winter, where this ice melt not only melted the ice and snow already present, but also prevented new ice and snow from piling up. In the end, both the driveway and the walkway was fine, with no harm to the concrete.

The pellets that didn’t disappear from the snowfall simply turned into mush, which in the end was washed away.

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Best Ice Melt for Pets


Best Ice Melt for Pets: Safe Paw’s non-toxic ice melter

If you have a dog, it created a whole new situation, when it comes to finding the best ice melt for pets. Your main concern suddenly changes from how well it melts the ice, to whether or not this ice melt will have any bad effects on your beloved pet’s precious feet.
One of the best ice melts for pets at the moment is Safe Paw’s non-toxic ice melter.

Not only is it gentle on the paws, it also melts away the ice and snow quickly and efficiently.
It’s dyed a convenient blue color, which makes it easy to see where you’ve already laid down product, so you don’t end up wasting too much by going over the same area twice.

One caveat about this product is its effects on concrete. While it says on the container that it’s safe to use on concrete, a lot of buyers had issues with their concrete breaking down and crumbling, after having used this product. Especially bad was the effects on ‘young’ concrete that was less than a year old.
If your driveway is made of concrete, this is worth keeping in mind before purchasing this product.

If you do go ahead and buy this, and you plan on using it on concrete, it’s recommended to try it on a small area first, just to make sure that it won’t have any damaging effects.

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Best ice melt for pets and concrete

Best ice melt for pets and concrete: Snow Joe MELT – Premium Environmentally + Pet Friendly Blend Ice Melt

Last but not least we have this ice melt from Snow Joe MELT, which seems to be the best ice melt for concrete as well as for pets. It comes in several different sizes, ranging from a 10lb jug to a 50lb bag, so you can pick whichever’s best suited for your needs.

The product boasts of being both eco- pet- and kid-friendly, and good for de-icing and melting snow.
A few buyers complained about it destroying their concrete driveways, however most buyers stated that it did not cause any damage, so the verdict is still out on whether or not this really is the best ice melt for concrete.

The crystals of this environmentally friendly ice melter are a mix of white and greenish-blue, which makes it easier to see them, once you spread out. The crystals are enhanced with CMA (calcium magnesium acetate), for fast and effective results.

The bucket is resealable, which is important if you don’t use all of the ice melt pellets in one go.

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I hope this lineup of the best ice melts for concrete was able to help you out a bit, and figure out exactly which ice melt works the best for you!

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to send me a message or leave a comment below.


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