Best height adjustable computer desk for a small home office

Standing desks have in recent years seen a surge in popularity, in response to the sedentary lifestyle that comes along with sitting down and working at a computer all day long.
A lot of people sit for 8-9 hours every day, which over time definitely takes its toll on your back, neck and overall posture (did you just straighten up after reading the word posture? -cause I did after writing it).
Although standing desks have generally received rave reviews, they don’t come without complications, and as with everything in life, standing should be done in moderation.


Because standing all day isn’t good for your body either, a height adjustable desk is a great compromise, for those who’re looking for the health benefits of a standing desk, without the drawbacks of having to stand all day. Although the benefits of using a standing desk haven’t been confirmed 100% yet, several studies have shown that standing (as opposed to sitting) increases the amount of calories burned throughout the day.
Some people also prefer to use standing desks because they feel it makes them more productive and efficient compared to when sit down to work.

How does it work?

Due to the easy to use mechanisms, the height of a standing desk can be raised or lowered to fit both a sitting as well as a standing person. The height adjustments are generally either done manually with a crank or automatically with the push of a button. You can also get height adjustable computer desks where you unscrew some of the bolts in the back, in order to raise or lower it, but since that’s bothersome to do, especially if you want to raise or lower the desk during the day, I chose not to include that kind of height adjustable desk in this review.

Height Adjustable Computer Desk Reviews

48″ Electric Stand Up Desk

48 inch height adjustable computer desk
Best small electric standing desk: 48″ Electric Stand Up Desk
This standing desk features two buttons which are used to adjust the height, by controlling the built in motor. It’s very fast, taking only about 15 seconds to raise the desk from seated to standing position. The desktop comes in several different colors, which is a plus when it comes to finding something that suits the style of your home office.
Measurements: 48” wide x 29.5″ deep x 29.5″ – 45.25″ height (from ground to tabletop).

Buyer Review
Dan at stated that although this table was a little bit harder to put together than he initially thought it would be, it is still one of his favorite purchases to date. It’s sturdy and works great and gives him exactly what he needed for his work at home job.

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60″ Electric Stand Up Desk

60 inch standing desk

Best Medium-Sized Stand Up Desk: 60″ Electric Stand Up Desk
The 60” standing desk functions similar to the one above, in that you raise and lower the height by pushing the up/down arrow buttons. The difference between the two is the width, where this version is wider than the one above. This model also comes in a variety of different table tops, to match your decor.
Measurements: 60” wide x 29.5” deep x 29.5″ deep- 45.25″ height (from ground to tabletop).

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ApexDesk 71″ W Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

71inch height adjustable computer desk

Best large height adjustable standing desk: ApexDesk 71″ Standing Desk
This large standing desk from ApexDesk measures a whopping 71” inches in width. That’s big enough to fit two 27inch monitors and still have a bit of room to spare. The motor is powerful and quiet, and easily raises and lowers the desk, even if you decide to go for the dual-monitor setup mentioned above, as the overall weight capacity for this desk is 225 lbs.
Please note that this desk in itself is super heavy, weighing about 140lbs. This definitely helps make it more stable, but you might want to ask a friend to help you put it together when it first arrives.
Measurements: 71” wide x 33” deep x 24″ – 50” high (from ground to tabletop).

Buyer Review:
Dan L. at spends a lot of time in his home office and was looking for a good value height adjustable desk. He is very happy with the ApexDesk in that he can raise and lower it throughout the day which helps on both his back and his concentration.

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60″ Crank Adjustable Height Sit to Stand Up Desk

hand crank standing desk

Best Hand-Crank Height Adjustable Desk: 60″ Crank Adjustable Height Sit to Stand Up Desk
This 59-inch wide heigh adjustable computer desk features a tiered table top and a crank mechanism to raise and lower the desk. The shelves measure 59-inches by 14-inches (top) and 59-inches by 16-inches (bottom), leaving you enough space for a dual monitor setup on the upper layer and your keyboard and various papers on the lower. The two shelves are placed slightly more than 4 inches apart, which is the perfect distance between monitor and keyboard.
Although this isn’t electric like the above mentioned models, it still raises and lowers smoothly and without any troubles at all.
Measurements: 59” wide x 28-1/2” deep (combined) x 33-1/2 – 47-1/4” high (from ground to tabletop).

Buyer Review
LJP at works in an IT position from home, which means that they spend at least 8-9 hours at their desk, every day. LJP highly recommends this desk if you sit at your computer for hours every day. LJP states that after 2 days of using this desk, their back pain and overall energy levels have already improved.

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Comparison Table


48″ Electric Stand Up Desk

4.9 $499

60″ Electric Stand Up Desk

4.7 $549

ApexDesk 71″ W Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

4.7 $599

60″ Crank Adjustable Height Sit to Stand Up Desk

4.8 $349

Things to keep in mind

Before deciding which desk to get, remember to measure how much space you actually have in your office. We all want as much desk space as possible, but if you work from home, and only have a small home office, then going for the 48″ model might not be a bad idea. Also, when you’ve received the desk and everything is set up and ready to be used, don’t forget to give your cables enough slack. Raising your desk and unintentionally pulling the plug on your computer at the same time is pretty bad, and definitely not something I recommend!

Other Resources

If you aren’t willing to take the plunge and invest in a height adjustable computer desk yet, or you just aren’t sure whether or not this whole standing-while-working thing is for you, then check out this article about building your own standing desk for $22. Also, the comments on that article features some master pieces built by other people. Definitely worth a visit!

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