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Best hand held salt spreader

best handheld salt spreader review

Winter is coming, and so is snow, slush and slippery sidewalks. But there’s a way to prevent that – you guessed it, salt!

If you’re looking for the best hand held salt spreader, this is the review for you.
In this article we will outline 3 of the most popular hand held salt spreaders currently for sale on Amazon, in order to ensure that you end up picking the one that’s best suited for your salt-spreading needs.

Best Handheld Salt Spreader Comparison Table

Image Size Holds Lightweight Adjustable Holes Price Multi-Purpose
   11 x 5 x 4 inches  76 oz  Yes – 4 Ounces  Yes  **  Yes
   11 inches tall  76 oz  Semi – 9.8 Ounces Yes  ***  Yes

Best Handheld Salt Spreader with Adjustable Holes

Best Handheld Salt Spreader with Adjustable Hole Size: HandySpreader – Adjustable Hole Size – Handheld Spreader

First up we have a handheld salt spreader with adjustable hole size.
This handy little salt spreader is easy to fill, and great for spreading salt over a limited area. Because of the adjustable holes in the lid, it can also be used for seeding etc, which makes it a bit more ‘multi-purpose’ than your regular salt spreader. The large holes are great for salting, and when you’re done, the lid can be closed entirely, which prevents salt from spilling, in the event that the container got knocked over.

The lid screws on and off, and the opening is large which makes it easy and fast to fill.

Because of the adjustable size holes, this salt spreader makes it easy to lay down an even layer of salt, rather than accidentally spreading everything into one section.

The measurements of the container are: 11 x 5 x 4 inches, and the handle is big enough that you can comfortably hold it, even when wearing gloves in the winter.

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Best Durable Salt Spreader with Adjustable Hole Size

Best Durable Salt Spreader with Adjustable Hole Size: Adjustable Handheld Spreader, Ice Melter, Deicer Shaker, Fertilizer Spreader, Grass Seeds & Salt

This adjustable handheld salt spreader is another great option, for when the winter hits and it’s time to spread some salt, before everything turns to ice.

It’s made of red plastic and comes with a black lid with holes in it. The sides have measurement marks on them, which makes it easier to measure how much salt you have added / used etc.

The height is 11 inches, and the handle is comfortable which makes it easy and convenient to hold, when spreading salt in the winter.

What puts this spreader on the list of best hand held salt spreaders, is its durability as well as it’s clicky lid, which helps you adjust the size of the holes, which ensures that you don’t distribute too much or too little salt, but just the right amount.

The material is durable yet lightweight, which means it won’t be too heavy, even after you’ve filled it with salt.

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In summary, the above two are both among the best hand held salt spreaders, and regardless of which one you choose, you won’t go wrong. The first one is more multi-purpose, so if you want to use it for seeding in the summer, then the Handyspreader would be ideal for you. If you are more interested in purchasing a lightweight handheld salt spreader, then the second option might just be the salt spreader for you.

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