Best Flavored Coffee K Cups

If you don’t have time to read this entire post, then let us make it fast for you – most of the buyers preferred the K cup variety pack because of the tastiness of all the included flavors. You can check out what customers are saying about this product here.

If you’re looking for the best flavored coffee k cups, then look no further. This review will cover a few of the best k cup variety packs, as well as go into more detail about the individual coffee flavors.

Let’s start off with the best k cup variety pack, and then dig into the individual flavors further down the list.

At the end of the page we provide a quicklist of the Best K Cup Flavors of 2018, so feel free to scroll to the end of the page if you’re in a hurry!

Best Flavored Coffee K Cups

Image Brand Content Flavor Compatibility Price Price
  Variety Pack  40 pods / 20 flavors Various – coffee only (no cocoa or tea)  All Keurig K-cup brewers **  *
   Variety Pack 30 / 40 / 50 pods – no duplicates Various – coffee, cocoa, tea All Keurig K-cup brewers **  *
  Dunkin Donuts 20 pods Various – flavored coffee only All Keurig K-cup brewers
and 2.0 brewers
***  **
  The Donut Shop 20 pods Regular Medium, Dark, Coconut Mocha All Keurig K-cup brewers ***  *
  Starbucks 60 pods Breakfast Blend All Keurig K-cup brewers **  *
  Starbucks 60 pods  Hazelnut All Keurig K-cup brewers ***  **

Best Flavored Coffee K Cup Variety Packs

Best Flavored Coffee K Cup Variety Packs: K Cup Variety Pack (Green Mountain)

First up we have this k cup variety pack from Green Mountain. This pack features 40 pods, in 20 different flavors (that means that you get 2 of each flavor..)
It contains 4 different flavors of Green Mountain Coffee, ranging from a bright, sweet breakfast blend to the rich, extra bold ‘Dark Magic’.
Apart from that, it also comes with a variety of other coffee flavors, some of from well known coffee-chains such a The Donut Shop, Tully’s and KrispyKreme.
The package contains a few flavored coffees as well, such as Butter Toffee and Hazelnut.

Overall this is a great k cup variety pack for those who want to sample a variety of different coffee flavors and roasts.
It’s not suited for people who want ‘fun’ flavors such as mocha or chocolate, as this sampler is coffee-only.

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Best K Cup Variety Pack (Emphasis On Variety!)

Best K Cup Variety Pack (Emphasis On Variety!): Coffee Variety Sampler Pack for Keurig K-Cup Brewers

This is probably the best k cup variety pack for the adventurous coffee drinker.
It’s an assorted coffee variety sampler pack, where you don’t know what you’re gonna get, until you get it.
Some boxes might contain tea, coffee and hot chocolate, whereas others have been reported to only contain coffee. There’s really no way of knowing what you’re going to get.

Some buyers were unhappy that they didn’t get certain flavors, or too many of a certain kind (such as too many dark roast coffees, from different brands), so keep this in mind when you order this pack.

It’s probably best suited for coffee drinkers who like to live life on the edge (coffee-wise at least) and people who like… everything.. Be it coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

There are a few different options you can choose between when ordering, such as the bold 30 which contains mainly bold flavors, the flavored 40, which contains an assortment of flavored coffees as well as the party sampler 40 or 50, for those who are really adventurous, and want to try a bit of everything.

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Best Flavored Coffee K Cups – Single Brand

Best Flavored Coffee K Cups – Single Brand: Dunkin Donuts Coffee Variety K-Cup Brewers and 2.0 Brewers

Next we have this pack of 20 flavored k cup pods made by Dunkin Donuts.
It’s available in a pack with decaf as well as one without, so you are free to choose the one that suits your taste the best.
The flavors it comes with are Original and Dark Roast (traditional coffee flavors), as well as French Vanilla, Hazelnut and Chocolate, or the flavored variations.
This is a great sampler pack for those who know that they like/prefer Dunkin Donuts’ coffee, but want to try more flavors at home, or for those who just want to mix it up and drink something different, every now and then.

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Next there’s this splendid selection of coffee k cups from The Donut Shop. This holiday special pack only comes with 3 flavors, Medium Roast, Dark Roast and Coconut Mocha flavor, which, without a doubt is the most special in the pack.

The 20 cups are packed up in a nice box, which makes it perfect as a present for the holiday season.

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Best Flavored Coffee K Cups From Starbucks

Best Flavored Coffee K Cups From Starbucks: Starbucks Breakfast Blend Medium Roast Single Cup Coffee for Keurig Brewers

It’s not surprising that Starbucks is among the most popular makers, when it comes to k-cup pods. Especially popular is the Hazelnut flavored coffee as well as the well-rounded breakfast blend.

The breakfast blend is a lighter-bodied, milder coffee. It is medium-roast and features bright citrus notes, which makes it a bright and fresh way to start your day.
The multi-pack from Amazon comes with 6 boxes of 10 cups each (60 in total), which helps you save a few bucks by buying in bulk, if you already know what you like, and just want more of it.

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The second most popular Starbucks K cup flavor is Hazelnut. The rich nutty flavor of the hazelnut complements the signature Starbucks flavor well, and creates a cup that’s sweet and flavorful, without being over the top.

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Best K Cup Flavors 2018

Here’s a quick low-down for those who just want to know what the best k cup flavors of 2018 are, without having to go through a dozen different blogs and product pages.

  1. The Original Donut Shop Regular Keurig Single-Serve K-Cup Pods
    Medium roast and full bodied without being either too harsh or too bitter.
    The most popular k cup of 2017, and expected to be the most popular of 2018 as well.
    Available in a pack containing 12 x 6 pods, so you won’t have to keep ordering.
  2. Green Mountain Coffee Breakfast Blend Single-Serve Keurig K-Cup Pods
    Light roast, bright and vibrant flavor. 100% arabica coffee with no additional flavoring or additives. A perfect way to start your morning.
    Available in a 72 count pack.
  3. Eight O’Clock Coffee The Original Keurig Single-Serve K-Cup Pods, Medium Roast Coffee
    Medium roast with a smooth yet complex flavor. 100% arabica coffee.
    Comes in a 72-count pack.
  4. Peet’s Coffee Major Dickason’s Blend Dark Roast
    A good, strong medium roast. Not too dark, in spite of being a dark roast.
    Available in a 32 count pack.
  5. Dunkin’ Donuts Original Blend Coffee for K-cup Pods, Medium Roast
    The classic Dunkin’ Donuts original blend coffee. Rich, smooth and delicious. You know what you’re getting with this one, and you know that what you’re getting is good.
    Available in a 60 count pack.
  6. Donut House Collection Donut House Decaf Coffee
    Decaf can sometimes taste a bit weird, but not this one. It’s lightly roasted, bold and dependable.
    Available in a 24 count pack.
  7. Grove Square Hot Cocoa, Milk Chocolate
    I know, I know, this isn’t coffee… but this delish k cup hot cocoa is so popular, I just had to include it on the list. Smooth and with a great cocoa flavor, this is comfort in a cup!
    Available in a 24 count pack.
  8. Twinings English Breakfast Tea
    Breakfast tea, breakfast tea… the good old classic. Rich, satisfying and robust, this English breakfast tea from Twinings won’t disappoint! Also good with a splash of milk.
    Available in a 24 count pack.
  9. Caribou Coffee Single-Serve K-Cup Pod
    Smooth, classic, medium-roast coffee made from Indonesian coffee beans!
    Available in a 72 count pack.
  10. Cinnabon Classic Cinnamon Roll Coffee
    Lightly roasted, sweet cinnamon-y coffee, with a hint of brown sugar and the flavor of Cinnabon’s signature frosting, for a comforting, sweet cup!
    Available in a 24 count pack.

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