Best Decorative Fire Pit Glass Pellets Review

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Fire pit glass pellets is an awesome way of making your fire pit look great. Whether you get the kind that comes with a mirror back or the ones without, they’re definitely bound to make an impact, and spice up you cozy evening fires. Just take a look at the pictures below, for some inspiration!


Best Decorative Fire Pit Glass Pellets


Best Decorative Fire Pit Glass Pellets:High Luster, 1/4″ Reflective Tempered Fire Glass

This reflective tempered fire glass from Celestial Fire Glass is one of our favorites when it comes to glass pellets for the fire pit. There are bunch of different reasons as to why that is, so let me start small and work my way through.

Reason number one is that the fire pit glass from Celestial can be ordered in a small ‘color sample’ package. This normally isn’t possible for fire pit glass, so already there does the brand set itself apart.
Fire pit glass normally comes in big bags or jars of 10 lbs or more, and since you normally need at least 2 or 3 to cover a fire pit, ordering the wrong color/type can end up being a real hassle.

Secondly, packaging! Even though there are lots of great types of fire pit glass, something that the manufacturers often overlook is the portability. This fire pit glass comes in a jar, which makes it easy to pour into the fire pit, as well as scoop back out if/when needed. Also, with a jar you don’t have to worry about torn bags and little glass pellets spilling out everywhere. And don’t forget how much easier it is to store.

Lastly, but probably most importantly – the fire pit glass pellets from Celestial fire glass is super good looking. It comes with a reflective mirror backing, for even more sparkle and shine. The translucency of the fire glass pieces is clear, which makes the flames shine through and create a beautiful atmosphere. The corners have been ‘unsharpened’ in a way so that they don’t cut, yet still maintain their luster and shine.

Various Details
How many jars should I buy?
One 10lb jar of decorative fire pit glass pellets covers (albeit barely) about a 24-inch diameter surface. For a bigger pit, for instance a 36” 3-4 jars is recommended. If you’re trying to save money, you can always go for 3, and then buy an additional one later, if needed.

How big are these fire pit glass pieces?
Approximately ¼”, with some pieces being slightly bigger, and some smaller. They are also available in ½” pieces, in case you need bigger shards.

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Best Red fire glass for the fire pit: Fire Pit Essentials


Best Red fire glass for the fire pit: Fire Pit Essentials – Crushed Fire Glass for Indoor or Outdoor Fire Pit or Fireplace

During my research, I realized that very few companies make fire pit glass in red. I don’t know why that is, as a fire pit decorated with red glass can look awesome! Anyway, one of the brands that does make red fire pit glass is fire pit essentials.

Check out the pics below.. not bad, right?
These fire pit glass pellets don’t come with a mirror backing, which means that they reflect light differently / are less reflective than the fire pit glass pieces that do have a mirror backing.
This, to some, might actually be a pro, so it’s worth keeping in mind. Because of this, these glass pellets can also be used for aquariums and flower decoration etc. where they look equally good.

They come in 10 pound bags filled with a single color:

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Best Fire Pit Rocks

Best Fire Pit Rocks: Fire pit glass from  AZ Patio heaters

Another brand, that also makes some of the best fire glass for fire pits is AZ Patio heaters.

They also make fire pit glass available in red. Similarly to the above, this glass also comes without a mirror backing, however, it’s available in both 10lbs and 20lbs bags, in case you need a larger amount.

One TIP! For this glass is to wash it off before putting it in your fire pit. Little glass shards and dust might be stuck to the individual pieces, making them less brilliant when using them in the fire pit. Another reason to give these fire pit glass pieces a quick rinse, is so glass dust and debris won’t fall into your fire pit and cause problems.
If possible, try to rinse it off outdoors, to avoid spreading around dust and small pieces of glass shards in your home.

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Things to look for, when buying decorative fire pit glass pellets:

Are they made of tempered glass?
This is important, as non-tempered glass might overheat and pop, once the fire gets going. T
he best fire pit glass is always tempered, and all of the products featured on this page are as well.

Is the glass made for propane fires
If you have a propane fire pit, then it’s extremely important that the fire pit glass is made to handle those types of fires, so be sure to double check, before making the final purchase!

I hope this lineup of the best binders was able to help you navigate the binder jungle, and figure out exactly which binder works the best for you!

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to send me a message or leave a comment below.

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