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Table of Contents

● Best Faux-Leather 3 Ring Binder
● Best Professional Presentation Binder
● Best 3 Inch Zipper Binder With Shoulder Strap
● Best 4 Inch Zipper Binder With Shoulder Strap
●Best Binder For Middle School
●Best Zipper Binder For Middle School
●Best 3 Ring Binder For Middle School
●Best Binders For High School & College
●Best Notebinder For High School
●Best 3 Ring Binder For High School
●Best 3 Ring Binder For College

Quick Intro

In this ultimate guide we will cover a wide variety of binders – from cute 3 ring binders that look pretty on your shelf to heavy duty zipper binders that can roll with the punches and still make it out of the school year alive.

A good binder is something most of us take for granted. We think “I just need something to hold my papers” and go on stuffing whatever binder we’ve got lying around, until that one fateful day where the rings give out and stop closing properly.

The binders we’ll cover in this review are almost all heavy duty – meaning they’ll stand up to a lot of use, before they break (if they break at all). Some binders might be a bit more delicate, specifically the cute 3 ring binders, as they weren’t made to be thrown about, but rather to look nice while still being functional – but more about that below.

Cute 3 Ring Binders

Best Cute 3 Ring Binder: Mint Damask 3 Ring Binder from Bloom Daily Planners

This cute 3 ring binder features a pretty white and mint colored damask design on the cover. The binder itself is made of thick cardboard, with a pretty pink lining inside.
The back of the binder is 1.5 inches, and the 3 rings inside measure 1″ each. The outside dimensions are 10″ wide x 11.5″ tall.

A 1″ O-ring like the ones in this binder can normally hold about 175 pages.

This binder is great for people who want to stay organized, yet want to keep it pretty. This binder is made to hold papers and look nice, it’s not meant to be exceptionally durable. If you’re looking for something that will hold up through much abuse, such as being thrown about and bumped into things, then this binder probably isn’t for you.

On the other hand, if you only subject your binders to normal wear and tear, and you’re looking for a cute 3 ring binder, then this might just be the perfect one for you!

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Best Binders For Middle School

The binder in the picture above is the Case-it Mighty Zip Tab 3-Inch Zipper Binder (aka. best-3-inch-zipper-binder-with-shoulder-strap)

Because everybody’s needs are different, we’ve chosen to provide two different options for the best binders for middle school – one is a regular binder, similar to those used at an office, the other is a zipper binder, which is more suitable for students who want/need the binder to be a self contained system, rather than loose binder that they need to put it in their school bag when carrying it around.

Best 3 Inch Zipper Binder With Shoulder Strap

Best 3 Inch Zipper Binder With Shoulder Strap : Case-it Mighty Zip Tab 3-Inch Zipper Binder

This binder from case-it is a 3 inch zipper binder which comes with a shoulder strap.
It’s sturdy, and because of it’s large size will be able to hold lots of stuff, whether it might be for school, work or couponing.
The removable shoulder strap makes it easier to carry around, especially once it starts getting heavier.

Apart from 3 large rings, the inside compartment of this zipper binder also has several mesh pockets for storing small, loose items and an accordion folder on the left.

This 3 inch zipper binder is sturdy, water resistant (within reason – you probably shouldn’t take it with you into the pool) and doesn’t get dirty easily.

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Best 4 Inch Zipper Binder With Shoulder Strap

Best 4 Inch Zipper Binder With Shoulder Strap: Case-it King Sized Zip Tab 4-Inch D-Ring Zipper Binder with 5-Tab File Folder

If the 3 inch zipper binder above doesn’t provide quite enough space, then check out this model! Featuring three 4-inch D rings on the inside, this is probably the biggest 4 inch zipper binder with shoulder strap on the market.
It’s made by case-it, and is both sturdy and convenient, which is what can be expected from this brand.

The large size makes this binder excellent for students who want to keep all of their notebooks in one place, as well as couponers who have an exceptionally large amount of coupons.

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Best Zipper Binder For Middle School

Best Zipper Binder For Middle School: Case-it Universal 2-Inch 3-Ring Zipper Binder, Holds 13 Inch Laptop

Picking the best zipper binder for middle school is tough, as every student has their own needs not to mention personal preference when it comes to how they like to organize their supplies.

This binder is, in my opinion, the best zipper binder for “modern” middle school students, whose schools require them to bring a tablet as well as regular school supplies.
The inside of the binder is the same as most other zipper binders, except for the fact that it doesn’t have an accordion folder. However, the outside pocket is what makes this binder special, as it features space for a small laptop or even better, a regular-sized tablet.

The front pocket contains an elastic band which holds the tablet and other items in place. The binder comes with a shoulder strap, which makes it more comfortable (and convenient) to carry around.

This 3 ring tablet zipper binder worked great for most reviewers on Amazon’s kids, with the binder lasting between 1-2 years on average.

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Best 3 Ring Binder For Middle School

Best Binder For Middle School

Best 3 Ring Binder For Middle School: Avery Durable View Binder with 3-Inch Slant Ring

Another binder option for middle schoolers is a regular, unzipped 3 ring binder like this one from Avery.
This specific model is particularly popular with middle schoolers, as it comes in several different sizes, which makes it easier to pick a suitable one, depending on how much paper you need it to hold.

The front, spine and back contains a transparent pocket on the outside, perfect for labeling the binder for easy organization.
This is also great for people who like to customize their binders, as they can make the decorations on a separate piece of paper, and then just slide them in to the cover pocket once they’re done.

The inside features two pockets which are useful for holding loose pieces of papers.

These binders are, overall, sturdy. However, if the student who uses it is particularly hard on their things, it might not last forever. However, because of the low price point, it’s easy and cheap to replace the binder, should it break.
-It should be noted that what usually breaks on these binders are the seams and hinges – the rings generally make it through alive.

Overall, these durable 3 ring binders are a safe and good choice for most middle school students.

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Best Binders For High School and College

The binder above is the Case-it Executive Zippered Padfolio

Best Notebinder For High School

Best Notebinder For High School: Five Star Flex Red NoteBinder

A notebinder is a great alternative to a regular binder. The smaller size and softer cover makes it a more lightweight and less bulky option.
Papers can easily be added and removed if necessary, so you aren’t stuck with fixed sheets of paper in the same way as when using a regular notebook.

The smaller size of this notebinder also makes it ideal for studying, as it takes up less space on the table and overall feels less bulky.

On the slightly more inconvenient side, the rings have to be opened individually, which might it bothersome for someone who needs to add and remove papers often.

Also, because of the way the rings open, papers tend to snag on the little gap where the rings attach to each other – this can easily be fixed by attaching hole protectors or buying reinforced paper, however.

All in all however, a notebinder is a great lightweight alternative to a regular binder, as well as a more flexible all-in-one solution for students who tend to use notebooks more.

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Best 3 Ring Binder For High School

Best 3 Ring Binder For High School: Avery Nonstick Heavy-Duty EZD Reference View 3 Inch Black Binder
This 3 ring binder from Avery comes in as the number one best 3 ring binder for high schoolers. It’s excellent for students who like to carry all of their papers in one place, yet feel like they’ve graduated from zipped binders.
Because of its durability, this binder will last through the school year (and hopefully longer) and take much abuse. The clear front and back makes it easy to customize and label, and the various sizes makes it easy to find the perfect size binder for almost anyone.
The opening and closing mechanism is another strong point of this specific binder – by pulling the tabs at the top and bottom of the binder outwards, the rings open easily and smoothly, so there’s no need to use brute force to manually pull them apart, as a matter of fact, don’t do this, as it will damage the internal mechanism.
The flat side of the D rings makes the papers inside stack neatly, as well as makes it easy to flip through and find exactly what you’re looking for.

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Best 3 Ring Binder For College

Best 3 Ring Binder For College: Case-it Executive Zippered Padfolio with Removable 3-Ring Binder

The binders mentioned in the “best binders for high school” section generally work great for college or university as well, however if you’re looking for a more professional binder/padfolio to bring with you to uni, then this executive style binder from case-it might just be it.

The inside features a removable 1-inch 3 ring system, which you can put in and take out as you like, if you feel that it’s more convenient to write without having the binder take up a lot of space on your desk, yet want your things to be organized and all in one place at the end of the day.

The left size of the padfolio has several different slots and pockets, which are great for keeping business cards, a calculator, pens and other loose pieces of paper.
Behind this panel you find a slip-pocket which fits 1-2 thin tabbed folders.

The overall versatility and convenience of this padfolio, combined with the sleek and professional look makes it the best padfolio for college students as well as a great option for people working who need to bring papers around with them.

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Best Binders For Professionals

Faux Leather 3 Ring Binder

Best Faux-Leather 3 Ring Binder: Avenues In Leather Wenger Vinyl Zip-Folio, Black

This binder, along with the one below, are the two most professional on the list. This faux-leather 3 ring binder is particularly great for people who’re working and need to carry a lot of documents around.

It both looks and feels high quality, which makes it great for work and other business situations.

The 1-inch D ring binder holds documents in place, safely and securely. The outside of the binder is zippered, providing another level of security.

The inside of the binder is split up into two parts (left and right) – the left has space for pens, business cards and comes with a built in calculator.

The right side contains the 3 D rings, which are mounted on a removable plastic backing that you can slide out of the pocket if you no longer want it there.

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Best Professional Presentation Binder

Best Professional Presentation Binder: Samsill Classic Collection Executive Presentation Binder

The Samsil Executive Presentation binder is a professional-looking 3 ring binder. It features gold-look hardware – the spirals on the inside as well as the corner protectors on the corners.
On the inside there are two large pockets which can hold loose papers.
The overall clean and streamlined look of this binder makes it the perfect professional presentation binder for work and meetings. It can, of course, also be used as a regular binder for holding school papers etc. for students who’re going for a more classic and mature style.

It comes in two different colors and three different widths.

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I hope this lineup of the best binders was able to help you navigate the binder jungle, and figure out exactly which binder works the best for you!

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to send me a message or leave a comment below.

We also have a Pinterest page filled with lots of pretty pictures of office and school related items.

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