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An organization hack I only recently started using, is using plastic dividers to separate large drawers and boxes into smaller compartments, in order to make sure everything is easy to find, whenever I need to use it.

Because this totally straight forward way of keeping your life less messy is still relatively new to me, I have yet to decide on the best method for organizing my drawers – that is to say, I’m not committed to a certain type of plastic divider, but in stead use what I think it most suitable for the drawer (or box) that I’m trying to get under control at that moment.

Below I will outline a bunch of the plastic dividers that I personally like to organize my drawers, as well as how I like to use them and for what purpose. Hopefully this will be helpful for you too.


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Madesmart Interlocking Drawer Organizer Bins


These are probably the most traditional plastic dividers. Each pack comes with 8 different dividers – or I guess I should say bins, since these actually have a bottom which most dividers don’t. Anyway, this pack of 8 contains bins in various shapes and sizes, which is great for organizing your junk drawer(s). Little items go in the smaller bins, and larger or oddly sized items in the larger.

These bins are also super useful for organizing your stationery drawer in your home office, as the longer bins work well for pens, and the smaller ones for erasers, paper clips and other small items that otherwise just tend to…disappear (seriously where do paperclips go?).

These bins are “interlocking” in the sense that they have small taps that fit underneath the top lip and hold them together. However, if your drawer is larger than the combined size of the stuck together bins, they will slide around and eventually separate.

What you can do is use double-sided foam tape to stick them together or just stuff something down at each side of the drawer, to fill out the excess space.

KLOUD City Drawer Organizer


These ‘honeycomb’ shaped drawer organizers are great for small, soft items like socks, ties and underwear. Because each slot is a single size (and a slightly odd size at that), it works better for soft items. You might be able to use it for your desk drawer if you had a lot of erasers, paperclips or something like that, but overall I probably wouldn’t use it for that.

Anyway, these organizers snap together easily, and are super sturdy. They come in pink, blue and white, which allows you to pick the color that fits the color scheme of your bedroom the best.

A definite plus when it comes to drawer organizers without bottoms, is the fact that it makes it easier to take them out and clean the drawer, if dust and pet hair manages to accumulate over time. Instead of having to clean each separate compartment individually, you can just wipe down the drawer and be done with it.
I think that’s worth taking into consideration, especially if you’re someone who doesn’t love cleaning.

KD Organizers Bamboo Utility Drawer Organizer


I know that this isn’t plastic, but I’m going to include it here anyway. This bamboo drawer organizer is another great option if you want to organize your desk drawer.
It’s technically made for silverware, but I don’t think anybody’s gonna come to your house and take it away from you, if you use it for organizing other things.

What makes this organizer especially great, is actually the fact that it isn’t made of plastic. Wood almost always has a better feel when it comes to design, than plastic. The richness and weight of a natural material like wood, just seems more luxurious than a plastic product.

On the flip side though, if you do decide to use this for your desk drawer, the wood could potentially get stained from leaking pens etc. So if that’s something you’re worried about, you might want to go with a plastic model. (or just use a small container for your ink cartridges / especially leaky pens).

Dream Drawer Spring-Loaded Drawer Dividers


Spring loaded drawer dividers are more flexible (no pun intended) than the other dividers mentioned above. The length is adjustable and ranges from 11 3/4″ – 18 1/4”.
These types of drawer dividers are best suited if you only need to break up the space horizontally, to accommodate several “long” items, such as a stack of envelopes, notepads and the like.

The fact that these are spring loaded makes them more sturdy when you place them in your drawers – they won’t fall over or flop around, such as interlocking drawer dividers might (that’s why I haven’t included interlocking dividers in this article).

If you do want to keep small items in your drawer too, you could always combine these dividers with a tray or some little boxes for that specific purpose. This is a great way to fit everything yet remain flexible when it comes to the division of the compartments in your drawer.

P.s. these drawer dividers also come in a nice bamboo version, in case you’re looking for something to match your wooden drawers.

Comparison Table

Madesmart Interlocking Drawer Organizer Bins 4.5


KLOUD City Drawer Organizer 4.4 $
KD Organizers Bamboo Utility Drawer Organizer 4.8 $$
Dream-Drawer-Organizer-Spring-Loaded-Drawer-Dividers Dream Drawer Spring-Loaded Drawer Dividers 4.3 $$

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