8 Awesome Industrial Desk Accessories for Your Office

industrial office accessories

Adding a few industrial desk accessories is a great way of giving your home office a new image, without completely overhauling the place.
A few items in the right place, like an industrial book case in the corner and a armillary sphere on your desk is enough to change the dynamic of your office drastically without having to spend an arm and a leg.

Below we have included a few different industrial desk accessories, that not only will look great in any office, but which are also very highly rated on Amazon.
So read on to get a few ideas for new industrial office accessories, to add to your home!


Industrial Desk Accessory #1: Decorative Metal Armillary Sphere

If you want a cool Armillary Sphere like this one, then please check out Amazon.

First up we have this great looking Armillary Sphere. This is meant to be a decoration piece, so it doesn’t actually work. However, it does look great and adds a nice eclectic touch to your decor.

Industrial Desk Accessory #2: Gear Bookends

Industrial Gear Bookends available on Amazon

These gear book ends add a touch of industrial flair to wherever you decide to put them. As they aren’t that heavy, we recommend that you use them for lighter books, so that they don’t fall over.

Industrial Desk Accessory #3: Book Box Set

Book Shaped Boxes that you can use to hide your valuables from Amazon

When I was a kid I really wanted a book with a secret compartment inside, where I could hide all my most previous items – so I proceeded to cut out the insides of a book. As I had neither patience or attention to detail, the final outcome wasn’t the most successful…
I kind of still want a book like that today, but based on my past experience, I don’t think I’m going to go about it the DIY way – instead, I might just look into getting a pre-made book box, like the one(s) above, and the ones below. Both look great and feature a nice industrial / vintage style cover.

Industrial Desk Accessory #4: Book Boxes set of 2

Industrial Looking Book Boxes – Set of 2 from Amazon

More boxes disguised as books because I think they look great… haha! These come with a nice detailed cover and magnetic closure, which I think is a nice added touch.


Industrial Desk Accessory #5: Industrial Office Shelf

Industrial Office Shelf from Amazon!

This shelf is already following the industrial aesthetic on its own – however, by adding a few vintage / industrial looking items (like in the photo below) you can really use it to bring home the style, and make your office feel a lot more industrial.


Industrial Desk Accessory #6: Industrial Lamp Guard

Cool Industrial Lamp Guard from Amazon

This industrial lamp guard looks good on its own, however, it looks even better when in a group, like in the photo below. The wooden board that the wires have been threaded through definitely add to the industrial feel, and is a great way of going about mounting several of these lamps within a small space.

Combine several industrial lamp guards for this awesome look!

Industrial Desk Accessory #6.5: Wall Mount Pulley for Hanging Lamps

Wall Mount Pulley – Great for hanging lamps for an industrial look – from Amazon

This is included as point number 6.5 because I think it would look a bit odd on its own – however, if paired with a lamp (guard) like the one above, this pulley both looks good and adds a nice industrial touch to your office. This is also a great way to mounting a single lamp on the wall and making it look intentional rather than just looking like a random lamp sitting in the middle of nowhere.

Industrial Desk Accessory #7: Cast Iron Jack

Cast Iron Jack – Great for decorating your desk – From Amazon

A cast iron jack is something every person needs, right!? Seriously though, this does add a nice industrial touch to your desk or book shelf, while at the same time doubling as a paper weight. Not bad!

Industrial Desk Accessory #8: Industrial Journal for All of Your Thoughts


Industrial Style Vintage-Looking Notebook from Amazon

These nautical / industrial notebooks come in several different colors and designs. The little slits on the right can be used to hold a pen and small pieces of paper. When you’re done writing in the journal, you simply fold it up and it looks like the picture below. Although the cover isn’t made from real leather (it’s PU) is has the look and feel of the real thing. The price reflects that it isn’t leather, and makes this great looking journal a real steal!

Industrial/Nautical Notebook from Amazon

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