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5 Pieces of Elegant Home Office Furniture

The furniture is really what makes it or breaks it, when it comes to making your home office more elegant. By picking elegant home office furniture, you can quickly and easily elevate and otherwise plain room, without having to repaint or do other more time-consuming renovation projects.

Below I’ve come up with several elegant home office furniture ideas, so you can pick and choose whichever you think would look the best in your home office!


1. Elegant Home Office Chair

Baxton Studio Tufted Grey Linen Chair from  Amazon

Adding an elegant chair to your office instantly changes the entire mood of the room. You don’t necessarily have to sit in it yourself, but can reserve it either for when clients/visitors are in your office and have to have a place to sit, or simply place it in the corner as a decorative piece or as a place where you can take a break, whenever you need it.

Marcel Chair from Amazon


2. Elegant Desk Lamp

King’s Brand Lamp from Amazon

A way to easily add a bit of decor to your desk, without actually adding a statue or other desk ornament, is by getting an elegant desk lamp.
A lamp with an elaborate and detailed base, and a matching lamp shade is a good option.
A lamp with warmer colors (above) works great for an elegant office with a more traditional style, such as wooden mahogany furniture and tall, heavy book cases.
The lamp below is a little bit more neutral, and will therefore work well in a range of different types of offices, from traditional to more modern ones.

Adesso Lexington Lamp from Amazon


3. Classy Mirror

Howard Elliott Talida Mirror in Gold from Amazon

A mirror is a great way to make a small room seem bigger, so, if your home office is small which makes it hard for you to add too many elegant and decorative elements, then you might want to think about adding a mirror. You can go for something elegant and elaborate like the mirror above, or something a bit more streamlined but also very nice like the one below.
This way you’ll add elegance without the bulk.

Ornate Embossed Champagne Floor Mirror from Amazon


4. Sophisticated Floor Lamps

OxyLed Remote Controlled Lamp from Amazon

If you don’t have a lot of overhead lighting, a good floor lamp is important to help brighten up your office and making it easier to see what you’re actually doing. If you’ve already got a lot of elegant home office furniture, then adding a simple floor lamp is a great idea as it won’t compete with the rest of the decor, and thereby make the room seem too cluttered and over the top.

Artiva Floor Lamp from Amazon


5. A Sofa for Unwinding

DHP Emily Chaise Lounge – from Amazon

Having a sofa in your home office no only helps make the room more elegant, it’s also useful for when that midday fatigue strikes, and you have to take a quick power nap, before continuing your work.
If you decide to go for a simple style, like in the photo above, then the sofa will become more of a background piece, that doesn’t draw too much attention to itself.
By choosing something more bold, like the sofa below, you can choose to have it become a statement piece in your room, and have it really help you achieve the finishing touch on your elegant home office.

Skyline Furniture, Tufted Fainting Sofa – from Amazon


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