5 CUTE Pink Office Supplies and Accessories

You can never have too much pink!! I think pink is one of the cutest colors. Add a a few pink office supplies to your setup, and your entire office will instantly seem brighter and happier!!
When writing this post I found so many cute items, and I had a really hard time deciding what to include in it. SO, I decided to set up an Amazon store with even more pink products than what you see below.
I’ll post the link below, but be careful, there are so many cute things, you might end up wanting to get them all.



Cute Pink Office Supply #1: Fake Flowers

Topix Premium Artificial Roses from Amazon

First up we have a bunch of artificial flowers. “FLOWERS!?” you might be thinking “I’m here to look at office supplies, not flowers”.. well, the reason why I included them on the list is because a bouquet of flowers on your desk instantly brighten up your space. It might not be an actual office supply, but I  think it’s a much needed addition to any office. Just check out the cute photos in this guide, to see what I mean. Yes / yes?!

According to Amazon’s page, this rose is in fact real gold – and the comments back it up, so I’m pretty sure it’s true.


Cute Pink Office Supply #2: Pink Tape Dispenser

-and other basic supplies

Scotch Tape Pink Tape Dispenser from Amazon.

Take a look at this hot pink tape dispenser! With its bright pink color, this thing is bound to brighten up any desk and home office in general.
I’ve listed a couple of other everyday use pink office supplies below, so you can make your pink office supply family as big as possible!!



Cute Pink Office Supply #3: Pink Document Holder

Pink paper tray from Amazon.

Keep it neat! With a hot pink document holder for all your loose papers. The desk organizer (below) is also useful, if you want to keep all of your pens and other little things in one place, so that you can always find exactly what you’re looking for.

Cutie Pink Pen Holders from Amazon.
Desk Organizer from Amazon


Cute Pink Office Supply #4: Pink Blingy Mouse

Cute Mouse from Amazon

If you don’t already have one of these, then what are you waiting for? That’s all I have to say.

Cute Mouse from Amazon


Cute Pink Office Supply #5: Pink Double Pocket Folder

Cute pink double pocket folder from Amazon

Use this to stay organized -every day!! It even has a little space for business cards.


Cute Pink Office Supply #6: Kitty Post-It Dispenser

Get this cutie from Amazon!

 Use this cutie to make sure you always have post-its on hand when you need them.
…also don’t forget to actually get the post-its. Get a pack of pink ones in order to stay true to our ongoing theme, or pick another color if you’re feeling adventurous.

Post-it notes from Amazon

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