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10 Storage Ideas for Small Offices – 9 DOs and 1 DON’T

If you have the pleasure of working from home, you know how easy it is to run out of space, especially if your office is on the smaller size, or if you just have a lot of things in the first place. Sometimes it can be hard to come up with storage ideas for a small office on your own – everything just seems so limited, the space, the colors, everything! Hopefully the photos below can help inspire you to breathe new life into your home office.



1. Monochromatic Wall Storage


This person cleverly used a monochromatic color scheme when organizing their small office. Because of the large amount of white, the small room appears bigger. The grey and black adds contrast and makes it less sterile and boring. By dedicating an entire wall to shelving, they were able to create enough space for all their boxes and document holders. Not only that, but there was also enough space to allow for gaps in between some of the boxes and the document holders, making the impression a lot lighter and more roomy.




2. A Small Box for Your Essentials


Keeping your desk free from clutter and random little things is a great way to immediately increase your productivity, not to mention make your office look a whole lot more organized. A great way of doing this is by keeping a small box on your desk, where you can store all your stray items, that would otherwise just lie around taking up space and creating mess.


3. Spicing up a Traditional Book Shelf

When it comes to storage ideas for small offices, using a traditional old-school book shelf is probably at the top of everybody’s list. Now, just because this is the obvious solution, it doesn’t mean that it should be discarded or considered boring. Check out the image above to see how one designer spiced up a  classic white bookshelf.

What makes this whole thing work so well together is the combination of white, gold and pink. The boxes and document holders are lined up side by side and can hold all your loose papers and random little things, while the little flower, the frames as well as the other little objects break up the monotony and makes the whole setup a lot more fresh and inviting. 
The picture frames on the wall liven up the space further, without ever making it feel crowded or like there is too much going on. This is among other reasons due to the large mat (the white border around the picture) which adds space between the picture and the frame. 

If you would like to purchase items similar to those in the picture, please click here for a list to choose from.



4. Bright White Shelves

 Another storage idea for a small room is to use thin shelves like these – in the picture above, two sets of shelves were placed side by side. If you don’t have as much space, using a single shelf is enough. 
In order to create the illusion of more space, you can place a single item in a few of the compartments – like what was done in the top left with the statue and to the very right with the little plant. This makes it look like you have a lot of space, since you can “afford” to waste an entire compartment on a single item.

Place heavy, bulky items on the bottom shelf, similar to what they did in the photo. The document holders, magazine basket as well as the green box were all placed towards the bottom, so as not to ‘weigh down’ the overall appearance visually. 


5. Lining the Walls with Book Shelves


Now, this might seem like a crazy storage idea for a small office, BUT – if you belong to the group of people who have a lot, and I mean A LOT of books, you know how hard it can be to find room to fit all of them – especially if you use most of them frequently. By creating shelves on every wall, you rid yourself of that problem – think about it, with the setup above, you’ll probably never run out (book) shelving space, ever again. 

Another nice feature is the little nook built into the shelf, in front of the window – a perfect spot to relax with a good book, while enjoying the nice weather outside.


6. Build Space into Your Desk

Instead of using traditional legs for your desk, use bookshelves in the appropriate height. Not only does it look cool, if also provides you with additional space AND it keeps things out of the way yet close by for whenever you need to use something fast!



7. Small Filing Cabinet for your Nook


A nook like this doesn’t give you a lot of space to work with, so it’s limited how much you can store – using a small filing cabinet like this is a great way to make room for your most important documents, as hanging files take up a lot less space than if you place them on a shelf. The top shelf in the filing cabinet can be used for pens, cables and other little things you might need daily.

For a great roundup on the different types of hanging file folders, please check out our article over here.


8. Documents en masse

If you have a ton of documents, another great option is to keep them in document holders like the ones in the picture. By color-coding your document holders, and sorting your papers accordingly, you can create a streamlined and neat office with a lot of storage space, where you always know exactly where everything is. The drawers under the desk are great for little knick knacks that don’t fit into document holders, such as stationery and USB drives etc.



9. Natural and Decorative

This setup uses very natural, earthy colors. The storage space is actually very simple, consisting of 3 rails mounted to the wall, with adjustable shelves. 
This method is great for people who like flexibility – note the middle section where the shelves have been placed close together so as not to waste precious wall real-estate above the flat boxes and little houses. – Also, because of the middle rail, this setup allows you to use shelves in two different widths, like in the section to the left, with the white vases.



10. The “Don’t”

I don’t know who ever thought of doing this, but this is quite possibly the worst way of storing your books, especially if you like to read them, every now and again. Not only can you not see the titles, you also risk bending the ones that have been placed on their spine as well as the ones that have been squashed into the shelf at an angle. The pages will bend and become wavy over time – and that really isn’t something you want for your precious books, now is it?


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