Why use a Desktop Copy Holder – Guide

A desktop copy holder is ideal for people who, for instance, are writing research papers where they need to reference a lot of different information, often. Because the desktop copy holder allows the paper to stand upright rather than lie flat on the table, it’s much easier to quickly glance across and find the information you’re looking for.


Why Use a Desktop Copy Holder

There are two main reasons why you would want to use a desktop copy holder.

1) Having to look down at your paper, then up at your screen repeatedly is annoying, slows you down and makes you constantly lose your place in the text!
2) Turning your head downwards to look at your document is bad for your back and neck. Over time it can lead to strain, fatigue, discomfort and headaches.

By using a desktop copy holder you eliminate both of these scenarios. Because the document is placed close to the active area of your screen, whether it be below or next to it, you can keep track of both computer and document easily and comfortably, without constantly getting interrupted.


Different Types of desktop copy holders

Standing Easel Desktop Copy Holder
This type of desktop copy holder is the most common. It accommodates several sheets of paper (exact amount varies a lot depending on the make and model). Often easel copy holders come with a slide bar, which helps you find your place in the text easily.


Freestanding (Mesh) Copy Holder
This type of desktop copy holder generally doesn’t hold the papers in place – instead the back is slanted slightly backwards and the papers stay in place just by leaning against it. Some models come with magnets that can be used to secure documents in place so they don’t slip all over the place.


Desktop Document Clip Copy holder
This type of copy holder is the kind that you mount on your monitor. The arm and clip hovers over your desk and you can add the papers you need to reference easily. This copy holder is good for people who only need to use it while also using the computer. Further more, because you attach it to your monitor yourself, you can place it exactly at your eye level, to make it as comfortable as possible for yourself.



Other things to consider


Do you need to bring your desktop copy holder with you to class/work/the library, then a foldable model might be preferable. As document holders usually slant backwards, trying to transport a non-foldable copy holder is usually awkward and bothersome, because the triangular shape makes it hard to fit into a bag and other narrow spaces. Instead, consider a model that can be folded flat, making it easy to slip into a backpack when you’re on the go.


Desktop copy holders usually come in 3 different materials (or a combination of the three) – plastic, metal and wood. The different materials are suitable for different purposes and situations.

Plastic desktop copy holder
Good for general use. These can usually be folded flat, which makes it easy to bring them around with you, if you need to use them in different locations. Because they’re made of plastic they usually weigh less than the other two materials, which, again, is beneficial when it comes to transport. One thing to keep in mind is that some plastic copy holders are extremely flimsy – be sure to read reviews on the model you’re getting before making the final purchase as quality vary greatly.


Metal desktop copy holder
Comes in a variety of different styles. Metal desktop copy holders are generally heavier than their plastic counter part, especially the ones that are solid as opposed to mesh. This might or might not be a benefit, depending on what you’re looking for. Some metal desktop holders aren’t foldable which can make it impractical when it comes to storage.


Wood desktop copy holder
Wood desktop copy holders can be heavy, but these are also among the sturdiest of the bunch. They generally accommodate both paper as well as books, which the above models usually don’t (due to the weight). Wooden desktop copy holders generally work great for both text books and ipads – they hold up over time and don’t fall over.









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