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Best Binder For Middle School

Best Binders for School and Work

If you don't have time to read this entire post, then let us make it fast for you - 99% of the buyers absolutely fell in love with the Case-it Mighty Zip Tab 3-Inch Zipper Binder and its roominess and portability. You can check out what customers are…


Buying the Best Desk Lamp for Your Eyes

Having a good desk lamp is also important when working on your computer! Having a good desk lamp is super important. Not only does it help reduce eye-strain, it can also help make you more productive and efficient. First off, you generally want to…


How high should your standing desk be?

Adjusting your standing desk to fit your height is easy and and can be done in a few seconds. Please see the guidelines below that explain the adjustments shown in the image. Desk Height: The table-top should be at the same level or slightly…

best document holder review

REVIEW: Best Document Holder

If you’ve read our guide on why you should use a document holder, and you feel like it left you wanting to buy one, then this review is just for you! In this review we’ll cover a few of the best document holders on the…


Why use a Desktop Copy Holder – Guide

A desktop copy holder is ideal for people who, for instance, are writing research papers where they need to reference a lot of different information, often. Because the desktop copy holder allows the paper to stand upright rather than lie flat on the table,…