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best document holder review

If you’ve read our guide on why you should use a document holder, and you feel like it left you wanting to buy one, then this review is just for you!
In this review we’ll cover a few of the best document holders on the market, why they’re the best and whether or not they’re worth the price.

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Easel Document Holder
Easel Document HolderPros: Cheap, does what it’s supposed to without much fuss, nice and unobtrusive
Cons: The quality is good for the price  – This can both be a pro and a con, depending.

This Easel Document Holder is pretty no-nonsense. The clip on top holds the papers in place and the slide bar helps you keep track of your place in the text. The bracket in the back with the feet can be folded in, making it easy to store or bring it with you when you’re on the go. On the right hand side there is a holder for a pen or a pencil, which is a convenient touch.


Rolodex Mesh Document Holder
Rolodex Mesh Document HolderPros: Sturdy, looks nice, convenient use of magnets, good quality
Cons: Can’t be folded – impractical, can’t hold a lot

The Rolodex mesh document holder looks nice in any office setting. The magnets work very well as long as you don’t add too many papers – if you’re trying to make an entire compendium of notes to it, chances are the magnets won’t be strong enough. However it works extremely well for its intended purpose. Further more, the quality is very good – the material of this document holder is plastic coated metal.


Desktop Document Clip holder
Desktop Document Clip holderPros: Small and light-weight, good quality, helps you sit up straight
Cons: Not portable, the piece that sticks to your monitor is large

This document clip holder is great for saving yourself from neck pain when you need to reference pieces of text while simultaneously using the computer. It’s mounted on your desktop monitor using an adhesive that comes with the clip. This adhesive doesn’t leave residue when you remove it. Because this type of document clip is mounted at the same level as your screen, it allows you to sit up straight and doesn’t cause neck and shoulder pain.


Wooden document holder
Wooden document holderPros: sturdy, can hold entire books easily, looks nice
Cons: slightly bulky

A wooden document holder is great for people who want the document holder to hold entire books, rather than just a few pages of paper. The front arms help hold the book open and in place. The back can be adjusted to fit different viewing angles. This document holder comes in several different sizes, where the larger ones are great for holding extremely heavy text books, such as medical and engineering ones.

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