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Navy Blue Home Office Ideas

Painting your office walls navy blue is a bold move! Navy is a dark color, which can quickly overpower the room, especially if it's on the smaller side. However, if you pair the dark walls with the correct color flooring and furniture, it can make the room shine like no other.
Because of the regal connotations that the color blue has, having a navy blue home office makes you feel like you've really got your stuff together - like you can accomplish whatever life throws at you successfully. It's also an impressive color to outsiders, who not only will admire the nice color, but also respect you, the person who was willing to run the risk of painting their walls such a dark color, before knowing how it would really turn out.
I have listed t he blue office paint colors under each picture, which should be helpful for those who wish to paint their own home office navy blue. 


1. Blue and White Home Office

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 This blue and white home office tackles the darkness of the navy blue by limiting it to one accent wall. Because the floor is dark as well, dark colors can quickly overwhelm the room and make it seem smaller. However, thanks to the crisp white shelf in the back, as well as the paneling, desk and area rug, that doesn't happen in this instance. The stark contrast between blue and white in this home office setup strikes a nice balance, and make the whole space seem both open and inviting yet with a hint of mystery.

Blue Wall Color: Benjamin Moore - Old Navy 2063 



2. Blue, White and Gold Home Office

Gold is the perfect accent to navy blue - not only does it play into the whole regal image, it also just looks plain good together. In this photo, we have a gold/brass colored lamp (above the desk) as well as in the corner, for reading. We also have two golden star ornaments on the desk, which match the ceiling lamp nice with the whole spiky thing they've got going on.

Wall Color: Benjamin Moore - Hale Navy HC-154 


3. Relaxing in Blue and White

This office is a great mix of business and comfort. You have two desks for when you need to get a lot of work done, but also a nice leather chair for when it's time to relax with a good movie.



4. Beachy Blue Home Office

This blue home office looks something like the combination of a lodge and a beach house. The wooden beams and the rug makes it seem like the former while the star fish and the drift wood on the mantle gives it its beachy feel.
Overall though, this is a very well-designed home office, which features a nice dusty blue which is complimented by the wooden finish on the shelves and ceiling beams.



5. Two Different Blues

 This relaxing home office is actually a set up to accommodate 3 different people, working together at the same time. 
The overall impression is airy and roomy, due to the simplistic design and the choice of color on the walls - which is neither dark nor light. As a matter of fact, the walls have been painted in two different colors, a lighter one at the top half, and a darker one on the bottom. This, when combined with the rather dark wood, gives off an ambiance that's relaxing, yet not so much so, that you won't get any work done.

Top (Light) Wall Color: Harbor Fog 2062-70
Bottom (Dark) Wall Color: Jamestown  Blue HC-148 



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