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Minimalist Home Office Setup Ideas

Decorating your home office minimalistically can drastically help increase your productivity and mental clarity. Because you rid yourself of unnecessary clutter and other distracting items, your mind is free to focus on the task at hand, and quickly and easily get the things done that really matter.
A minimalist office setup also has other benefits such as helping you relax, even when you’re working with a tight deadline. Lastly, it’s also a lot easier and faster to clean, which I think is a point that’s definitely worth noting.


1. Simple Black and White

This first one of our minimalist office setups feature a sleek black desk and a small chair. This, perhaps, isn't a setup where you could work an entire day, but for a few hours, it should be fine.  

2. Minimalistic Dual Monitor Setup

The main focus of this minimalist home office is obviously to get things done. The desk is clear of useless items and little knick knacks, focusing only on the essentials - the computers and the notebook.

3. Sleek Black Minimalist Office Setup

 Here we have a very sleek minimalist office setup. The table is a mix between rough and polished, which provides a nice aesthetic, especially when paired with the streamlined design of the iMac.
The plant adds a bit of life to the setup, so it doesn't become too black and white.

4. Tiny Minimalist Office

This tiny office could end up seeming claustrophobic, if it weren't for the giant window with the amazing ocean view. However, instead of being claustrophobic, this simplistic office setup easily becomes one of the nicest, most zen ones on the list. The books could be removed from the desk to make it even more minimalistic, but since they actually add to the overall image, I think it's okay for them to stay.

5. Simplicity is Key

This is another very simple home office. So simple, in fact, that it hardly even looks like an office at all. Never the lest, this minimalistic home office is great for people who require a lot of desk space when working. By keeping the desk clear from clutter, the desk is always ready for when you really need to get down to business and work hard!


6. Simple Corner Computer Space

 Another minimalist office setup, this time featuring a beautiful desk made out of raw wood, and a simple wall mounted shelf. The spot lights above the desk prevents you from having to take up unnecessary space with a desk lamp.

7. Minimalistic Grey Office

The generally monochrome design of this office adds another layer to the simplicity and minimalistic style. All of the design elements have clean lines and no unnecessary detailing. 

8. Open Space Minimalism

The decoration of this room also follows a very minimalistic approach. The simple decor and the large window gives one a feeling of freedom and of having enough space to really relax.

9. Classy Simple Home Office

This minimalistic black and white office has a strong style and design aesthetic. The floating lamps above the desk provides a comfortable amount of light during the daytime, and the desk lamp is there to help out, if you need to work a bit more, in the evening.

10. Minimalistic Artist Studio/Office

This nice looking home office also doubles as a studio. The design approach is kept very simple, with little to no items on the shelves, and nothing but the things you need the most on the desk. This creates an inspiring and distraction free office.

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