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How to Make Your Office More Comfortable

It’s easy to keep putting off work, if your circumstances aren’t right. If you think your office space is preventing you from working your hardest, and you keep wondering how to make your office more comfortable, then perhaps it’s time to make a few changes.



1. Improve Your Lighting Situation

Artificial Light
Tip number one, when it comes to making your office more comfortable, is having appropriate lighting. Nothing is worse than working in the dark. You can’t see what you’re doing so you squint and strain your eyes, which just ends up making you tired and even less productive.

In order to improve your lighting situation, having a good desk lamp is extremely important. An LED desk lamp that can be dimmed so it suits the circumstances is a great choice.

Natural Light
Having adequate natural lighting is also very important. If possible, pick a room that gets lots of natural light early in the day for your home office. That way you can get started fast and get a lot done while the day is still young.

Wall Color
Pick a suitable wall color for your home office. If you go with a color that’s too dark, it will end up darkening the room, which means that you’ll have to invest in more lamps. If it’s a large room, dark walls can be balanced by lightly colored flooring and lots of windows, but if it’s a small room it can quickly become claustrophobic and closet-like.

If you want to go for a bold wall color, stick to one wall. Paint that accent wall in your color of choice, and leave the rest white or paint them another light color. That way you get to enjoy the best of both worlds - you maintain a light and inviting working space and you still get to choose a nice rich color for your wall.


2. Separate Business and Pleasure

Notice how this person is facing away from the tempting couches. When you work, you work!

If you don’t have a dedicated room for your office, but instead just have a desk in the corner of your bedroom / living room / etc. then be extremely careful to separate the two, both mentally and physically.

That means, that when you wake up in the morning, you make your bed neatly, so it doesn’t keep calling you throughout the day, tempting you to just lie down for a moment or two.

Same goes for the living room - don’t work with the tv on. This is both distracting and will suck away your time without you noticing.



3. Keep it Neat

Nothing is as counter productive as working in a messy office. The heaps of stuff can easily suck away your energy by distracting you and just generally creating a poor working environment. In order to have the optimal work flow, we recommend staying super neat. We have a good article on organization over here.



4. Stay Comfortable

Being comfortable while working is super important. By comfort we mean that you aren’t too hot or too cold. Keep the air conditioner / heater / etc at a temperature that you like. This is a luxury that you often don’t have when working in an office with other people, so be sure to take advantage of it while working from home.

Another aspect of being comfortable is sitting properly. Be sure to get a good office chair that suits your body, and that’s neither to tall or too short, too hard or too soft etc. We have a lot of guides on chairs, among others one on picking the best office chair for you.


5. Take Regular Breaks

If you were wondering how to make your office more comfortable, and you followed all the steps above but still feel that a little something is missing, then I’m almost certain that you’ve forgotten this last crucial aspect - which is taking regular breaks.

When you get really into your work, and end up sitting still working on a single task for over an hour, your body starts to hurt and get uncomfortable in general. This happens no matter how comfortable your overall setup is, and the only way to circumvent it is by taking regular breaks.

You need to get up from your chair, do some stretches, have a glass of water and walk around for a bit.

Remember, your body wasn’t meant to sit still for extended periods of time, but in this day and age, it’s almost impossible to prevent ending up having to sit for several hours - so, breaks with lots of stretches is my final recommendation when it comes to making your office and working conditions more comfortable.


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