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Exclusive grey and white office ideas

Combining grey and white is a quick and easy way to instantly class up any office. By painting the walls in a rich grey, and the door jambs and window frames a clean white, an ordinary room and be transformed into a beautiful and functional office, just like that.

By keeping the office space neat and tidy and adding one or two design pieces like a lamp or a classy chair, you can tie the room together and make it look as if it was designed by a professional, when in fact the credit is all yours.

Below are some pictures of grey and white office ideas. We’ve included a mix of shades, with some light and some dark grey offices. We’ve also included the name of the grey color used on the walls, in case you get so inspired, that you decide to paint your own walls in the same colors.


1. Minimalistic grey and white office

This is a minimalistic, modern home office. The warm grey walls are contrasted by the white as well as by the cool blue tones, which can be found in both the posters as well as the curtains and the blanket. The red flowers add a little pop of color, which is a nice touch to the otherwise almost monochromatic color scheme.

Wall Color: Ben Moore AC 30



2. Dark grey meets tan

Instead of painting your entire office in one single color, you liven up the space by adding an accent wall in a contrasting color. In this case, the adjacent wall was painted in a light beige/tan color, to brighten up the otherwise dark grey office.
Similar to above, the green plants mounted on the walls introduce a pop of color to the otherwise monochromatic office.
The computer section in the corner features a combination of light and dark colors, pairing the dark grey walls with a white rug, desk and lamp, which gives the overall impression of the space being inviting and welcoming, yet with an air of seriousness which implies that this is a place where things get done.

Dark Grey Wall Color:  Similar to Martha Stewart's Magnetite
Tan Wall Color:  Similar to Valspar's City Retreat


3. Beachy grey and white office

This office is very light and airy, due to the combination of the light grey walls and the off white furniture.
Although there are a lot of decorative objects in this office, it all still works well together, due to the symmetrical placement of everything in relation to each other.
As we’ve seen in the other offices above, a plant or flower adds a nice pop of color that helps break up the otherwise monotone color schemes of grey and white - this office is no exception as it features a nice pink flower which adds that extra little bit of color.

Wall Color: Benjamin Moore Nightengale AF-670


4. Warm grey walls and shiny surfaces

home office with grey walls and contrasting furniture

This office pairs the warm grey walls with a dark high-gloss floor and desk.
Every element in this picture adds to the combination of dark and light - the walls and the door and window frames, the floor and the rug, the chair upholstery and the legs, the countertop and the drawers.
This mix of dark and light creates a dynamic feel, but due to the color scheme, it never gets overpowering. These contrasting elements, paired with the pink decorations placed strategically around the office makes the whole room very harmonious.

Wall Color: River Reflections 1552 by Benjamin Moore



5. Simple grey and white office

office with one grey and one white wall

Here we have another office with two walls painted in different colors, to give a fresh and bright image.
Without the grey wall, the entire office would be very light and almost monochromatic. The grey wall also helps add a good backdrop when using the computer.
Turquoise always looks good with grey, the designer took into consideration when choosing the desk for this office. On the white side of the room we have a pair of bright green plants, that brighten up the space in front of the window.
Overall, this is another very harmonious office, which combines grey and white walls very well.

Dark Grey Wall Color: Martha Stewart's Magnetite is a similar color

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