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6 Tips for How to Make a Small Home Office Seem Bigger

Image Credit: Mercer Interior

If you’re wondering how to make your small home office seem bigger - more like an office and less like a closet with a desk, then worry not; there are several different things you can do, in order to open up the small space, and make it seem bigger, brighter and more inviting.
The benefit of this is not only to make the space look good - making your small home office seem bigger will also end up affecting your productivity and improving your overall workflow.

If this has sparked your interest, then read on to find out how you can make your small home office seem bigger.


1. Paint the Walls in a Light Color

This is perhaps the single most important thing you can do, in order to make your small home office seem bigger. 
Light and Dark colors work differently on the eye, light colors appear to recede and move away from you while dark colors appear to come closer. Because of this, a small dark space can quickly appear a lot smaller than the same size space, painted in a light color.



2. Use Mirrors to Your Advantage

The image came from this super stylish blog!

Mirrors work similar to painting the walls a light color - it reflects the light which opens up the room and makes it seem both bigger and brighter.



3. Keep it Neat

Image Credit goes to this awesome blog!

Mess adds to the visual (and physical) clutter. This makes the small space seem overwhelmingly crowded, small and confined.
It’s important to have a good system set up, that ensures that your small home office is kept tidy - always.
If you aren’t all that into organizing, getting a matching set of boxes, in a light and unobtrusive color, can help lighten the load. Just throw everything into the boxes, and follow the age old principle of “out of sight, out of mind”.


4. Let there be Light

Use natural light to your advantage. If you’re lucky enough to have a window in your small home office, then open up the blinds/curtains and take advantage of the natural daylight.

If you aren’t so lucky, due to your office being inside a closet of the like, installing ceiling spots is a good way to brightening up the space, without having lamps everywhere, taking up space.

Another way to add artificial light is by adding a lamp to the corner of your office. As dark corners automatically make a room appear smaller, brightening them up creates the illusion of having more open space than you actually do.



5. Pick Appropriately Sized Furniture

Image credit goes to this beautiful blog.

I know the CEO style mahogany desk is beautiful, but when it takes up 3/4 of your office, it just isn’t the best idea, especially if you want to be able to actually get in and out of the office, without knocking over something etc.

Picking furniture in a size that matches the size of your office is a better idea. This will make the space a lot more harmonious which will make it appear bigger and more roomy.



6. Pick a Focal Point

In this room the focal point is obviously the beautiful cow hide rug! Image from Sett Studio.

This can be a flower, a painting or some other little design piece. Adding a decorative element like this helps establish a focal point and make you subconsciously believe that the space is bigger than it is.


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