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5 Streamlined Desk Decoration Ideas

Leather and wood goes a long way when you want to make your desk more streamlined and stylish. The clean lines and large plain surface areas with no patterns or extravagant detailing helps further reduce the visual clutter.

If you would like your desk to be modern yet rustic at the same time (which initially sounds like kind of an oxymoron) then check out the streamlined desk decoration ideas below.


Desk Decoration Idea #1: Leather Desk Accessories

Image from Pottery Barn

Having quality leather desk accessories like these adds a lot to the overall look and feel of your office. Not only do they offer functionality, but they also instantly add both class and style. Add a green plant for a punch of color to liven up the space and you're good to go!



Desk Decoration Idea #2: Wooden Computer Stand

Picture from GroveMade

Combining leather and wood adds a great touch to your office space. The simple and clean lines of the accessories ensure that your space doesn't appear crowded and messy, even though there are a lot of items on the desk.
Although it sounds a little crazy, arranging your desk accessories neatly like in the photo above really helps reduce visual clutter and make the entire space feel more organized and optimized for productivity as well.


Desk Decoration Idea #3: Multi Functional Desk

Check out this awesome desk from BoConcept has several compartments where you can hide away all of your stuff at the end of the workday, so that your office always looks neat and tidy. So smart and functional, and the desk even looks beautiful.
The grey boxes are actually speakers, so you can hook up your phone or computer, if you aren't satisfied with the built-in sound system.


Sleek and minimalistic - Picture from BoConcept



Desk Decoration Idea #4: Leather Folio

Another desk decoration idea is pairing a leather folio with black accessories like a moleskine notebook, a watch and some pens.

To go with your leather desk accessories from idea number 1, you of course also want a nice leather folio as well. 



Desk Decoration Idea #5: A Quality Pen

This pen is the Souverän® M1005 Black from Pelican.

 A good quality (fountain)pen is another good way to instantly decorate your desk and level up the entire look and feel in one move. Even if it's the only thing you have lying on the desk, it still works its magic and makes the entire space seem nicer, classier and more luxurious.


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